Computer/IT MCQ-245

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A vertically aligned set of tracks on a disk pack is known as


A computer assisted method for the recording and analysing of existing hypothetical systems is known as


Which of the following is used on domestic tape recorders, designed for use in microcomputers?


Which of the following is a self learning course?


The process of combining strings are known as


Which is a term used to express the condition that if program is not properly fed then no results would be obtained?


Which of the following is a device for collecting data recorded as holes in prepunched cards?


A device used to measure the circuit density of a chip is


Which of the following is the smallest computer?


A device used with a computer to display or store data is called


A device attached by the operator to a spool of magnetic tape when writing is to take place is


A family of languages specialty , developed for children is


The mechanical, magnetic, electronic and electrical devices from which a computer is fabricated is called


A file of records used to update the master file is known as


A unit of data contained in the field of a record is


Which of the following is an odd word?


A compact, enclosed package of magnetic tapes that uses V inch tape and records 1600 bits per inch is a


A software package to implement a data base is


The place where the data or information is stored for a short time is


The time required to position a head over the proper track is known as


A subdivision of a track on a magnetic disk or drum is


Which part of computer performs functions similar to the cerebrums of the cardiac and nervous system of a human body?


The memory capacity of a computer is represented in


The connection where wires are attached to a modem, serial printer in


Which of the following is the most important part of a computer?