Computer/IT MCQ-255

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What does SDLC mean in Networking protocol ?


ADCCP means


According to ISO, HDLC means


IP address means


Which technology is used in a CDROM Drive?


Which of the-following device can store large amounts of data?


Which of the following is handy to carry yet can store large amounts of data?


Data (information) is stored in computers as ?


IP Addresses has


Which of the following statements is/are – true?


A server that can perform no other task besides network services is called


Name a network operating system that is specially designed to handle networking functions efficiently


MOS stands for?


Which of the following is not a logic gate?


Which of the following RAM times have to be refreshed often in order to retain its contents?


Which of the following companies is a leader in manufacture of Hard Disk Drives?


Usually, in MSDOS, the primary hard disk drives has the drive letter ?


Which of the memories below is often used in a typical computer operation?


Which storage device is mounted on ‘reels’?


MTBF means


How many write cycles are allowed to a RAM?


How many write cycles are allowed to a EEPROM?


The Analytical Engine developed during First Generation of computers used as a memory unit


A is anything that can cause harm