Computer/IT MCQ-259

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The secondary storage memory s also called as


—— is known as, unauthorized access into others system


VIRUS stands for


Which of the following mode we use to ——– deliver email


A person needs to design invitation card What type of computer program is suitable?


The term that we use to describe physical components of the system


Which of the following is different from other?


QWERTY is used with reference to


What is object of UPS?


CPU capacity can be measured in


ln processing cheques which of the following IO techniques have banks traditionally followed?


Zipping a file means


The instructions that tell a computer how to carry put the processing tasks are referred to as computer


An area of a computer that temporarily holds data waiting to be processed is


To select or unselect one word to the right


To maximize or restore a selectee window


To Copy a picture of the selected window to the clipboard


Data becomes


The term