Computer/IT MCQ-257

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What is the permanent memory built into your computer called?

What type of computer could be found in a digital watch?

What type of device is a computer printer?

When you save to this, your data will remain intact even when the computer is turned off______.

When you turn on the computer, the boot routine will perform this test______

Where is data saved permanently?

Which is not a basic function of a computer?

FPI stands for

A spiral shape-track formatting is present in

CD-ROM is a kind of

The data base can be a choice for the SFMS.

In SFMS message are . with reciving node’s public key to protect confidentially of the message while in transit,

Various kinds of users in SFMS are, namely,

In dial up remote access, a client uses the _____. To create a physical connection to a part on a remote access server of the private network

The expansion of CCA under the IT Act is

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) can provide secure remote access through the _____ rather than direct dial-up connections

With the rapid growth of technologies and I internet, it is clear that no activity on inter net can remain free from the influence of

What is the full form of IP?

Full form of TCP is

Cyberspace is being governed by a system of law and regulation called

A centralized or distributed integrated repository for data storage connecting to one or more communications network called

How does a bank get access to a good data centre?

In CBS the —- will have low end computer servers which are connected tothe central server.

The core banking solutions are generally based on