Computer Knowledge MCQ-32

Computer Knowledge MCQ for Insurance,LIC AAO,GIC AAO,IBPS Clerks Exams

1. Which statement is not true about format painter?


2. To move cursor to the beginning of the document press


3. CTRL + Up Arrow moves the cursor


4. To save and close a document you can use


5. Using CTRL + F12 opens


6. File that starts the Word application


7. You cans save a document in __ ways


8. _____ allows you to insert mathematical symbols and formulae in the document


9. To convert a symbol or several lines of text into an Auto Correct entry.


10. How can you send a document to another person so that the fancy font should display properly irrespective of whether the font is installed in that computer or not,


11. A key or combination of keys which is ____ should be assigned as shortcut symbol


12. menu provides an option to check spellings


13. Slide transition is




15. To print handouts with lines tor notes, number of slides per page should be set to


16. In _ _ processes, the changes made in to the linked object do not reflect and save in the original document


17. _____ is necessary file in the DOS bootabel disk.


18. In a network, the most reliable communication is provided by ____ protocol


19. Internet is _____ _ switched network


20. An IP address of a computer is also known as_ _