Computer MCQ-197

All windows have a __ located at the top of the window that displays the program’s name.

(A) menu bar
(B) thumbnail
(C) dialog box
(D) title bar
(E) none of these

Which of the following is referred as Background of screen?

(A) application
(B) desktop
(C) window
(D) frame
(E) None of these

F2 key is used to change the __ of file/folder.

(A) colour
(B) name
(C) size
(D) style
(E) None of these

To decrease the font of selected text by 1 point, the shortcut key is__.

(A) Ctrl+}
(B) Ctrl+{
(C) Ctrl+]
(D) Ctrl+ [
(E) None of these

A __ identifies a location or a selection of text that you name and identify for future reference.

(A) Page number
(B) Header
(C) Bookmark
(D) Footer
(E) Comments

What is place to the left of horizontal scroll bar?

(A) Ribbon
(B) View buttons
(C) Insert tab
(D) Indicators
(E) None of above

__ inserts a new worksheet.

(A) Alt+Shifl+F1
(B) Alt+Shift+F2
(C) Alt+Shift+F3
(D) Alt+Shift+F4
(E) None of these

You can undo and redo up to __ actions in Microsoft Office Excel, even after a worksheet is saved.

(A) 100
(B) 50
(C) 99
(D) 500
(E) None of these

To displays the Insert dialog box to insert blank cells, press

(A) Alt+Shift+Plus (+)
(B) Tab+Shift+Plus (+)
(C) Ctrl+Shift+Plus (+)
(D) Esc+Shift+Plus (+)
(E) None of these

Press __ to start presentation from the beginning.

(A) F5
(B) F6
(C) F7
(D) F8
(E) None of these

Press __ to delete one word to the right.

(A) Ctrl+Backspace
(B) Ctrl + Delete
(C) Ctrl + Enter
(D) Ctrl + Tab
(E) None of these

Row in an Access table is also known as __.

(A) field
(B) record
(C) data
(D) type
(E) None of these

The arranging of data in a logical sequence is called

(A) Classifying
(B) Reproducing
(C) Summarizing
(D) Sorting
(E) None of these

For each attribute of a relation, there is a set of permitted values, called the __ of that attribute.

(A) Domain
(B) Relation
(C) Set
(D) Schema
(E) None of these

Multiple Godowns are activated from

(A) F11
(B) F11 >F1
(C) F11 > F2
(D) F11 > F3
(E) None of these

Bank OCC a/c is a group defined under

(A) Bank Account
(B) Secured Loan
(C) Unsecured Loan
(D) Loan & Liability
(E) None of these