Computer Knowledge MCQ-55

Android is __

(A) Operating system
(B) Application
(C) Interface
(D) Software
(E) A collection of all these

Which area in an Excel window allows entering values and formulas

(A) Title Bar
(B) Menu Bar
(C) Formula Bar
(D) Standard Tool Bar
(E) None of these

Sending an E-mail is similar to

(A) writing a letter
(B) drawing a picture
(C) talking on the phone
(D) sending a package
(E) None of these

The person contributing the idea of the stored program was

(A) John Neumann
(B) Charles Babbage
(C) Howard Aiken
(D) Daniel Thomas
(E) Dennis Ritenie

A __ is an additional set of commands that the computer displays after you make a selection from the main menu.

(A) dialog box
(B) submenu
(C) menu selection
(D) All of the above
(E) None of these

Computer connected to a LAN (Local Area Network) can

(A) run faster
(B) go on line
(C) share information and/or share peripheral equipment
(D) E-mail
(E) None of these

Hard disk drives are considered ___ storage.

(A) Flash
(B) Nonvolatile
(C) Temporary
(D) Nonpermanent
(E) None of these

E-commerce allows companies to __

(A) issue important business reports
(B) conduct business over the Internet
(C) support decision making processes
(D) keep track of paper-based transactions
(E) None of these

The secret code that gives you access to some programs _____

(A) clue
(B) cue
(C) password
(D) help
(E) None of these

A command to get a file you worked on form the memory where it was stored __

(A) close
(B) delete
(C) open
(D) get it
(E) None of these

A compiler translates a program written in a high-level language into __

(A) Machine language
(B) An algorithm
(C) A debugged program
(D) Java
(E) None of these

The basic building block of a database that contains related records is

(A) Query
(B) Form
(C) Table
(D) Edited Page
(E) Report

Powerful key that lets you exit a program when pushed __

(A) arrow keys
(B) space bar
(C) escape key
(D) return key
(E) None of these

Data representation is based on the __ number system, which uses two numbers to represent all data.

(A) binary
(B) biometric
(C) bicentennial
(D) byte
(E) None of these

The operating system determines the manner in which all of the following occurs except

(A) user creation of a document
(B) user interaction with the processor
(C) printer output
(D) data displayed on the monitor
(E) None of these

Why is it unethical to share copyrighted flies with your friends?

(A) It is not unethical, because it is legal.
(B) It is unethical because the files are being given for free.
(C) Sharing copyrighted files without permission breaks copyright laws.
(D) It is not unethical because the files are being given for free.
(E) It is not unethical – anyone can access a computer