Computer Knowledge MCQ-35

What are the two basic types of operating systems?

(A) batch and time sharing
(B) sequential and direct
(C) sequential and real time
(D) batch and interactive
(E) All of these

Which of the following stores deleted files and allow you to recover then later?

(A) My computer
(B) Recycle Bin
(C) My document
(D) All of these
(E) None of these

Deleted data remains on a disk until __.

(A) the data is overwritten
(B) the recycle bin is emptied
(C) a file compression utility is used
(D) the disk is scanned
(E) None of the above

An example of standard file format for text files is

(A) JPEG (Jpg)
(B) Bitmap (.bmp)
(C) Word (.do
(D) Text (.txt)
(E) .xls

Which is not an edition of MS Word?

(A) MS Word 2003
(B) MS Word 2007
(C) MS Word 2010
(D) MS Word 1020
(E) None of these

The process of making changes to an existing document is referred to as __ it.

(A) editing
(B) changing
(C) modifying
(D) creating
(E) adjusting

A word processor would be used best to

(A) paint a picture
(B) draw a diagram
(C) type a story
(D) workout income and expenses
(E) None of the above

For opening and closing of the files in Excel, you can use which bar?

(A) Formatting
(B) Standard
(C) Title
(D) Formatting or Title
(E) None of these

The function TODAY() refers to

(A) Returns the current time
(B) Returns the current time with date
(C) Returns the current date
(D) All of these
(E) None of these

MS PowerPoint is software of __

(A) Apple
(B) Android
(C) Microsoft
(D) Google
(E) None of these

To insert a new slide go to __ tab, in the Slides group, click New Slide.

(A) Home
(B) View
(C) Animations
(D) Slide show
(E) None of these

What is a motion path?

(A) A type of animation entrance effect
(B) A method of advancing slides
(C) A method of moving items on a slide
(D) All of the above
(E) None of these

To sort records in a table

(A) Open table, click sort button on database toolbar, choose field based on which to sort, click ok
(B) Click the field heading to sort it ascending or descending
(C) Open table, click on the field on which the sorting is to be done, then click sort button on database toolbar
(D) All of above
(E) None of these

__ are the set Visual Basic procedures and declarations stored as one unit,

(A) Modules
(B) Macros
(C) Reports
(D) Tables
(E) None of these

The __ refers to the overall structure of the database.

(A) view
(B) conceptual
(C) schema
(D) data independence
(E) None of these

We can repeat narration by pressing

(A) Shift + R
(B) Alt + R
(C) Ctrl + R
(D) Alt + Shift + R
(E) None of these