Computer MCQ-209

The- process of a computer receiving information from a server on the internet is known as

(A) Browsing
(B) Download
(C) Upload
(D) All of these
(E) None of these

Which of the following is a programming language?

(A) Lotus
(B) Pascal
(C) MS-Excel
(D) Netscape
(E) None of these

SQL data definition commands make up a(n)


Representing the syntax by a grammar is advantageous. What is the cause?

(A) it is concise
(B) it is accurate
(C) automation becomes easy
(D) All of the above
(E) None of these

The most widely used input device is the __

(A) mouse
(B) keyboard
(C) modem
(D) monitor
(E) None of these

Free hard-disk space used to extend the capacity of RAM is termed __

(A) Cache
(B) Flash memory
(D) Virtual memory
(E) Volatile

The errors that can be find out by a compiler are

(A) Logical errors
(B) Internal errors
(C) Semantic errors
(D) Syntax errors
(E) Execution errors

In UNIX command “!$” is used to

(A) repeat last word of last command line
(B) repeat entire less command line
(C) count the number of arguments
(D) match to unknown values
(E) None of these

The __ is a device that connects n inputs to m outputs.

(A) Crossword
(B) Crossbar
(C) Modern
(E) None of these

BIOS stands for

(A) Basic Input Output Service
(B) Basic Inner Outer Services
(C) Better Input Output Services
(D) Better Inner and Outer Services
(E) BIOS-Basic Input / Output System

An area of a computer that temporarily holds data waiting to be processed is __

(B) Memory
(C) Storage
(D) File
(E) None of these

When we move any row or column, the text of moved cells

(A) moves with the cell
(B) remains at its place but formatting moves
(C) moves with cells and formatting is lost
(D) moves with cells and some formatting are changed
(E) None of these

To prepare a presentation/slide show which application is commonly used?

(A) Photoshop
(B) PowerPoint
(C) Outlook Express
(D) Internet Explorer
(E) All correct

Which one of the following software applications would be the most appropriate for performing numerical and statistical calculations?

(A) Database
(B) Document processor
(C) Graphics package
(D) Spreadsheet
(E) None of these

To take information from one source and bring it to your computer is to __

(A) download
(B) upload
(C) transfer
(D) move
(E) None of these

Data and Time are available on the desktop at

(A) Taskbar
(B) My Computer
(C) Recycle Bin
(D) only (2) and (3)
(E) None of these

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