Computer Knowledge MCQ-28

Computer Awareness MCQ for LIC AAO,GIC AAO,Railways,Insurance,Bank Exams

1. In a spread sheet, a cell is defined as the __


2. The ____ format reduces an audio file to about one-tenth of its original size, while preserving much of the original quality of the sound.


3. The ___ which contains billions of documents called Web pages, is one of the most popular services on the internet.


4. Which of the following should be used if all the slides in the presentation to have the same look’?


5. What is ‘M’ stands for in MAN’.’


6. Which of the following terms is associated with Internet/Email ?


7. Which of the following is contained at the end ‘of the file name and helps determine the type of file?


8. Network components are connected to the same cable in the ___topology?


9. URL Stands for ___?


10. A mistake in an algorithm that causes incorrect results is called a


11. What is Linux?


12. A computer program used for business applications is ___


13. Which of the following is a small microprocessor based computer designed to be used by one person at a time?


14. Hard disk drives are considered storage.


15. Which of the following terms is associated with Network ?


16. The piece of hardware that converts computer’s digital signal to an analog signal that can travel over telephone lines is called a __


17. Which of the following is the second largest measurement of RAM?


18. Which of the following can input graphical images and pictures for a computer?


19. Which of the following is true?


20. Printer is an example of