Computer Knowledge MCQ-29

Computer Awareness MCQ for Insurance,Bank,GIC,Railways,Income Tax Exams

1. a ‘Byte’ is __


2. What is the personal computer operating system that organizes and uses a graphic desktop environment?


3. Any component of the computer you can see and touch___?


4. What is the most popular hardware for multimedia creations?


5. When you click on SAVE on the monitor, and there is no Flash drive of Floppy disk/diskette in a drive, the document or application you are using is stored _


6. Storage device that can be plugged directly into a computers USB port is


7. Programme of a computer presented as a sequence of instructions in the form of binary number is called__ language.


8. Temporary memory is called as


9. The printer produces output on paper, often called__ copy


10. to perform a computing task, software uses hardware for four basics functions __


11. The most recent version of the Mac OS is based on the __operating system


12. To boot a computer means to __


13. A (an) _ is a set of rules and standards that any two entities used for communication


14. Product-is method used by Microsoft to prevent unlicensed used of its software so that you must purchase a windows for each license installations of windows


15. “Windows Vista” is released in which year?


16. Windows XP would be an example of __component of an information system


17. Which chart shows the relationship of parts to a whole__.


18. What is the message on the screen that requests the operator to enter information or a command?


19. Which of these is not an example of an input device?


20. Which command brings the first slide in presentation?