Computer MCQ-184

An example of peripheral equipment is the __

(A) printer
(C) spreadsheet
(D) microcomputer

Personal computers can be connected together to form a __

(A) server
(B) super computer
(C) enterprise
(D) network
(E) None of these

___ is one reason for problems of data integrity

(A) Data availability constraints
(B) Data inconsistency
(C) Security constraints
(D) Unauthorized access of data
(E) Data redundancy

The ___ also called the Web, contains billions of documents.

(A) World Wide Web
(C) Web Portal
(D) Domain
(E) None of these

If the bit in X.25 standard is set to 1, it means that there is more than one packet.

(A) Q
(B) D
(C) M
(D) P
(E) None of these

When the mouse is moved, it causes a picture to move on the screen which is referred to as a

(A) menu
(B) icon
(C) pointer
(D) tab
(E) None of these

__ is a Windows utility program that locates and eliminates unnecessary fragments and rearranges files and unused disk space to optimize operations.

(A) Backup
(B) Disk Cleanup
(C) Disk Defragmenter
(D) Restore
(E) Disk Restorer

The ability of an as to run more than one application at a time is called

(A) multitasking
(B) object-oriented programming
(C) multi-user computing
(D) time-sharing
(E) None of these

On which button does help menu exist?

(A) End
(B) Start
(C) Turn off
(D) Restart
(E) None of these

Junk e-mail is also called __

(A) spam
(B) spoof
(C) sniffer script
(D) spool
(E) None of these

A computer cannot “boot” if it does not have the __

(A) Compiler
(B) Loader
(C) Operating System
(D) Assembler
(E) None of these

A disk on which you store information __

(A) plate
(B) data disk
(C) paper disk
(D) 1V disk
(E) None of these

If you want to move an icon on your desktop, this is called __

(A) double clicking
(B) highlighting
(C) dragging
(D) pointing
(E) None of these

Passwords enable users to __

(A) get into the system quickly
(B) make efficient use of time
(C) retain confidentiality of files
(D) simplify file structures
(E) None of these

The ability to find an individual item in a file immediately

(A) sequential access
(B) file allocation table
(C) direct access
(D) directory
(E) None of these

To put information in a me on a magnetic disk, or in a computer’s memory, so it can be used later __

(A) store
(B) ship
(C) shift
(D) centre
(E) None of these