Civils History MCQ-21

Indian History Objective Questions Civil Services,UPSC,SSC,KPSC,MPSC

among the precious stones the most extensive foreign trade during the gupta age was that of

(A) dimonds
(B) ruby
(C) peral
(D) sapphire

which among the following statement about the swadesi and revolutionary movement in Bengal is not correct

(A) it gave great push forward to the Indian national movement
(B) it gave a great stimulus to indigenous business and industry or swadeshi enterptise
(C) the government of east Bengal and assam become sympathetic to the revolutionaries
(D) it gave a great stimuls to the development of vernacular literature and revolutionary literature in particular

when mugal empire was collapsing which of the provinces was lost in 1622 A.D recorved in 1638 A.D and finnaly lost in 1649 A.D

(A) Ajmer
(B) Kashmir
(C) Bengal
(D) Kandahar

who one among the following kings was an ardent follower of Jainism

(A) Bimbisara
(B) mahapadam nanda
(C) kharavela
(D) puuakasin II

the word ć…ˇatyameve jayate?in the state emblem of india have been adopted from which one of the following

(A) brahma Upanishad
(B) mudgala Upanishad
(C) maitreyi Upanishad
(D) mundaka Upanishad

Match the following
important events of life of Buddha
a. elephant
1. Renouncement of wordly pleasures
2.brith of buddha
c. empty throne
3. enligtenment
4. Representation of royalty
codes:A B C D

(A) 2 3 4 1
(B) 2 3 1 4
(C) 1 2 3 4
(D) 2 1 4 3

During whose tenure as the viceory of India were the great martyrs bhagat singh sukhdev and rajguru hanged?

(A) lord Curzon
(B) lord Irwin
(C) lord minto
(D) lord Chelmsford

During the civil disobedience movement who led the red shirts of north-westren India?

(A) abul kalam azad
(B) khan abdul gaffer khan
(C) mohamad ali Jinnah
(D) shaukat ali

in which session of the congress was the resolution passed ststing that there of cate creed or sex

(A) calcutta session,1906
(B) lucknow session,1916
(C) lahore session 1929
(D) Karachi session 1931

Arabhatta and Varahamihia belongto which Age

(A) Gupta
(B) cholas
(C) Mauryas
(D) Mughals

Who among the ollowing were the leaders of the Indigo Revolt ?

(A) Buddhu Bhagat and Jhindari Manaki
(B) Digambar Biswas and Bishnu Biswas
(C) Dinabandhu Mitra and Madhusudan Data
(D) Bias munda and gaya munda

panini, the first grammarian of Sanskrit language in India, lived during the

(A) 2nd century B.C
(B) 6th-5th century B C
(C) 2nd century A D
(D) 5th-6th century A .D

the treaty of battle (1802) was signed between

(A) madhav rao and the british
(B) baji rao II and the british
(C) mahadjiscindia and the british
(D) holkar and the british

which one among the following is the brith place of vardhamana mahavri

(A) kushingara
(B) kundagrema
(C) rajgriha
(D) kashi

which one among the following is the correct chronological order of the invasions of north west India after the fall of the mauryas

(A) Bactrian Greeks-parthians-kushans-huans
(B) Bactrian Greeks-kushans-parthians-huans
(C) parthians- Bactrian Greeks-huans-kushans
(D) parthians-huans- Bactrian Greeks-kushans

who among the following was the exponent of visistaadvaita philosophy

(A) vallabhacharya
(B) sankaracharya
(C) ramanujacharya
(D) madhvacharya