Civils History MCQ-13

Indian History MCQ Civils Prelims,SSC,TNPSC,MPSC,UPPSC,rpsc,KPSC

Rulers of which dynasty had been called as the lord of Dakshinapatha?

(A) Cholas
(B) Vakataka
(C) Satavahana
(D) Shaka

Ashvaghosha had written the biography of Buddha – ‘Buddhacharita’ in which of the following languages?

(A) Pali
(B) Prakrit
(C) Sanskrit
(D) Apabhramsa

The east Indian company wanted to secure the control over north-west and fought wars with Afghanistan

(A) A, As the wanted to reach the natural political boundary of india estabilished by pervisous rulers
(B) To control the trade route passing through Afghanistan
(C) To Counter the Russian Expansion in Asia
(D) As they wanted to the attack Persia to get the booty

Khilafat movement was started in 1920 to

(A) Unite Musilm of Indian
(B) co-operate with congress in the national movement
(C) protect against ill-teratment meted out to the Khalifat of Turkry
(D) Counter the Movement of musilm league

Vernacular press act 1878 was passed to

(A) Allow Indians to pront newspaper and magazines
(B) Alow Europeans to print news papper and magazines in hindi
(C) Silence the Voices of those who were critical of the British Government
(D) d, Allow priting in vernacular languages

Delhi-i-kunha and Jahanpanah were

(A) Tiles possessed by the sultan of delhi
(B) Canals built by the mughals
(C) Cities built by the sultans of delhi
(D) Allow priting in vernacular languages

Dewns Chhipigars and Rangeaz were

(A) people enganged in the proceed of making wheels
(B) Officalsworking with the east Indian company
(C) Temple official in south india
(D) Notifed criminals tribes

Hanafi and shafi are

(A) Ialmic schools of law
(B) Ialmic schools of technology
(C) Ialmic schools of theology
(D) Ialmic schools of writing

The famous conquest of Kalinga by the Maurgan ruler ashoka was fought in the present day

(A) Karnataka
(B) Odisha
(C) Kerala
(D) Andhra Pradesh

The mugals architecture on a bleding of

(A) Arab and Inadian styles
(B) Persiam and Inadian Styles
(C) Turkish and Afghan Styles
(D) Turkish and Persian styles

Who among the following Mughal rulers led the idea of universal peace?

(A) Akbar
(B) Shahjahan
(C) Humayun
(D) j. Jahangri

Khan abdul gaffer khan started a powerful non-volient movement on north-west Forntier provines known as

(A) Ram-Rahim movement
(B) Khilafat movement
(C) Khudai-Khidmatgar movement
(D) Pakhtun movement

Sanskrit consider to be a part of family of Language known as

(A) Indo- greek
(B) Indo-Aryan
(C) Indo-European
(D) Pakhtun movement

At which place was a general practice to lay the dead with head towards north?

(A) Inamgoan
(B) burzahom
(C) mehargarh
(D) bhimbetka

The Buddha described the frist os dsire and craving and craving as

(A) Pipasa
(B) trishna
(C) tanha
(D) teera ichcha(storng desire)

Which of the three gods were espically important in the Rigveda period?

(A) Rudra Vishnu and Indra
(B) Agni Indra and Soma
(C) Indra Vaurn and Rudra
(D) Agni Indra and Vishnu