Civils General Science-4

Science Civils Prelims Practice Questions,CSAT,kpsc,UPPSC,SSC,UPSC

The fuel of most widely used cryogenic engines consists of :

(A) Liquid hydrogen only
(B) Liquid oxygen only
(C) Liquid hydrogen as fuel and liquid oxygen as oxidizer
(D) Neither liquid hydrogen nor liquid oxygen

Which one of the following is the mostly likely food through which mercury enters our bodies and accumulates as a toxin?

(A) Broiler
(B) Butter
(C) Fish
(D) Spinach

Which one of the following statements is correct ?

(A) All proteins are enzymes
(B) All enzymes are proteins
(C) None of the enzymes is proteins
(D) None of the proteins is enzymes

Which one among the following statements is correct ?

(A) All bases are alkalis
(B) None of the bases is alkali
(C) There are no more bases except the alkalis
(D) All alkalis are bases but all bases are not alkalis

Which one of the following reactions is the main causes of the energy radiation from the sun ?

(A) Fusion reaction
(B) Fission reaction
(C) Chemical reaction
(D) Diffusion reaction

In SONAR we use?

(A) Ultrasonic waves
(B) Infrasonic waves
(C) Radio waves
(D) Audible sound waves

Which one among the following statements about an atom is not correct?

(A) Atoms always combine to form molecules
(B) Atoms are basic units from which molecules and ions are formed
(C) Atoms are always neutral in nature
(D) Atoms aggregate in large number to from the matter that we can see, feel and touch

A liquid is kept in a regular cylindrical vessel up to a certain height. If this vessel is replaced another cylindrical vessel having half the area of cross-section of the bottom the pressure on the bottom will?

(A) Remain unaffected
(B) Be reduced to half the earlier pressure
(C) Be increased to twice the earlier pressure
(D) Be reduced to one-fourth the earlier pressure

The best colours for a sun umbrella will be?

(A) Black on top and red on inside
(B) Black on top and white on inside
(C) Red on top and black on inside
(D) White on top and black on inside

Before x-rays examination (coloured x-rays) of the stomach, patients are given suitable salt of Barium because?

(A) Barium salts are white in colour and this helps stomach to appear clearly
(B) Barium is good absorber of x-rays and helps stomach to appear clearly
(C) Barium salts are easily available
(D) Barium allows x-rays to pass through the stomach

Which one among the following is used for making bullet-proof material?

(A) Polyvinyl chloride
(B) Polystyrene
(C) Polyethylene
(D) Polyamide

Which among the following vitamins is necessary for blood clotting?

(A) Vitamin A
(B) Vitamin D
(C) Vitamin K
(D) Vitamin C

The ultimate cause of water movement in a plant stem against gravity is?

(A) Osmosis
(B) Transpiration
(C) Photosynthesis
(D) Diffusion

Which one among the following gases readily combines with the hemoglobin of the blood

(A) Methane
(B) Nitrogen dioxide
(C) Carbon monoxide
(D) Sulphur dioxide

In humans, which one among the following with reference to breathing is correct?

(A) During inhalation, diaphragm relaxes
(B) During exhalation, thorax cavity expands
(C) During inhalation intra-pleural pressure becomes more negative
(D) Unlike inhalation, normal exhalation is an active process

Human blood is a viscous fluid. This viscosity is due to

(A) Proteins in blood
(B) Platelets in serum
(C) Sodium in serum
(D) RBC and WBC in blood