Banking Awareness MCQ-45

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Except one of the following instruments others are issued at discount. Identify the exception ___?

[A] A Certificate of Deposit (CD)
[B] A Treasury Bill (T Bill)
[C] A Commercial Paper (CP)
[D] A Fixed Deposit (F
[E] None of the above

The Lead Bank Scheme was introduced on the basis of recommendations of ___?

[A] Reserve Bank
[C] Study group appointed by National Credit Council under the chairmanship of Prof. D. R. Gadgil
[E] None of the above

A commercial paper is

[A] a paper issued by Reserve Bank of India an trade and commerce
[B] an unsecured money market instrument issued in the form of promissory note
[C] a document issued by IDBI for seeking refinance facility from Reserve Bank India
[D] all of the above
[E] none of the above

Which of the following is not the name of a bank, functioning in India ?

[A] Central Bank of India
[B] Aegon Religare
[C] United Bank of India
[D] Dena Bank
[E] Citi Bank

Banks have started opening bio-metric ATMs now. Such ATMs will prove most beneficial for which of the following categories of customers ?

[A] Govt. employees
[B] HNIs
[C] NRIs
[D] Students
[E] Illiterate people

Loans of very small amounts given to low income groups is called _____

[A] Cash credit
[B] Micro credit
[C] Simple overdraft
[D] No frills loans
[E] Rural credit

Reverse Repo Rate has the following characteristic:

[A] Borrowing by RBI from banks
[B] Borrowing with government security as collateral
[C] Short Term Borrowing
[D] All the above
[E] None of the above

____is a deposit of money that has a fixed time and pays higher interest than a SB Account.

[A] Fixed Deposit Account
[B] Savings Bank Account
[C] Recurring Account
[D] Current Account
[E] None of these

The sheet of record which contains all monetary transaction between an country and the rest of the world is called –

[A] Balance of trade
[B] Balance of Payment
[C] Balance sheet
[D] Export-Import Data
[E] None of these

Which Bank is called Apex Bank?

[A] Development Bank of India
[C] Reserve Bank of India
[E] EXIM Bank

Which of the following is the biggest borrower in India?

[A] Government of India
[B] Reserve bank of India
[C] State Government
[D] Indian Railways
[E] Public Sector Undertakings

RBI was nationalized in the year

[A] 1949
[B] 1952
[C] 1955
[D] 1964
[E] None of these

In CDR, “R” stands for ____.

[A] Regulation
[B] Reserve
[C] Restructuring
[D] Ratio
[E] Reduce

A non -performing asset (NPA) is a loan or an advance where, interest and/or installment of principal remain overdue for a period of more than ____ days in respect of a term loan.

[A] 60days
[B] 70 days
[C] 80 days
[D] 90 days
[E] 100 days

The new Indian Currency Note of Rs. 2000 denomination will have an image of:

[A] Taj Mahal
[B] Red Fort
[C] Qutub Minar
[D] Mangalyaan
[E] None of these