Banking Awareness MCQ-106

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In International Banking terms, “Appreciation” of Rupee means ______

[A] Excess of exports over imports
[B] Purchasing power of rupee has come down
[C] Availability of less foreign currency vis-a-vis rupee
[D] Excess of imports over exports
[E] Availability of more foreign currency vis-à-vis rupee

The following are main objectives of the SEBI

[A] to protect interest of investors
[B] to promote the development of security market
[C] to regulate the security market
[D] all of the above
[E] None of the above

Normally banks accept fixed Deposits for a maximum period of:

[A] 5 years
[B] 7 years
[C] 10 years
[D] 20 years
[E] None of these

The Foreign exchange of India is kept with

[E] None of these

If you buy a financial instrument in one market in order to sell the same instrument in another market at higher price, it will be called as:

[A] Brokerage
[B] Arbitrage
[C] Forfeiture of Instrument
[D] None of The Above

Which of the following is correct:

[A] Reserve Bank of India Act, 1935
[B] Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934
[C] Reserve Bank of India Act, 1930
[D] All of these
[E] None of These

Which of the following is the central bank of U.S.A?

[A] Federation of Banks in U.S.A
[B] Central Bank of U.S. A.
[C] Federal Reserve
[D] Bank of America
[E] None of these

The largest public sector commercial bank of India is the __

[A] Bank of India
[D] Union bank of India
[E] None of these

In India, forex rates are determined by

[A] Demand and supply forces
[B] Importers
[C] Ministry of commerce
[D] Exporters
[E] None of these

CASA is basically the combination of Current account and saving account deposits with a Bank. Why do the Banks put greater emphasis on mobilizing a high CASA ratio?

[A] In order to fulfill RBI stipulation for it
[B] It helps reduction in average cost of funds
[C] These are stable deposits
[D] These help Banks maintain a healthy asset-liability ratio
[E] None of the Above

IFRS stands for______.

[A] International Financial Reporting Standards
[B] Indian Financial Rating Standards
[C] International Financial Rating Standards
[D] Indian Functional Reporting Standards
[E] None of these

What is Tacking Credit’ ?

[A] Finance extended to packing materials
[B] Finance extended to an importer to pack the goods imported
[C] Finance extended to warehouses for keeping the goods packages
[D] Finance extended to an exporter to meet the cost of buying and/or making products ‘to be exported
[E] None of these

The main mandate of Payments Banks is to offer which of the following?

[A] Lending services
[B] Credit cards
[C] Bancassurance service
[D] Remittance services
[E] None of these

Which are the following rates are decided by the RBI is called “Policy Rate”?

[A] Cash reserve ratio.
[B] Lending rate.
[C] Bank rate.
[D] Deposite rate.
[E] None of these

In respect of partnership business, LLP stands for____?

[A] Limited Liability Partnership
[B] Limited Loan Partnership
[C] Local Labour Promotion
[D] Low Labour Projects
[E] None of these