Banking Awareness MCQ-134

Banking Aptitude Test SBI Clerks,IBPS PO mains,Bank Exams,LIC ADO

YES Bank recently deferred its $l-bn equity raising plan. The bank was panning to raise money through QIP, which means

[A] Quantitative Institutional Placement
[B] Qualitative Institutional Placement
[C] Quintessential Institutional Placement
[D] Qualified Institutional Placement
[E] None of these

Which of the following agencies maintain RIDF (Rural Infrastructure development Fund) ?

[A] Ministry of Rural Development
[B] Reserve Bank of India
[E] None of these

———————- has been declared the first ‘total banking state’ in India, successfully implementing the total financial inclusion thereby ensuring banking facility to all households.

[A] Maharashtra
[B] Kerala
[C] Himachal Pradesh
[D] Uttarakhand
[E] Gujarat

Which of the following organization / agencies has established a fund known as Investor Protection Fund?

[C] Bombay Stock Exchange
[D] Ministry of Finance
[E] Ministry of Commerce & Industry

Financial institution that does not supervised by a national or international banking regulatory agency?

[D] Reserve Bank of India
[E] None of these

Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) established in _____

[A] 1927
[B] 1985
[C] 2001
[D] 1999
[E] 1995

Which of the following extreme measures may be resorted to by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), in order to safeguard the interest of the depositing public when the affairs of a bank are observed to be beyond redemption?

[A] Refusal of a licence or cancellation of an existing licence
[B] Merge the bank with any public sector bank
[C] Applying to the Central-Government for an order of moratorium and thereafter reconstructing or amalgamating the bank with another bank
[D] All of the above
[E] None of the these

Deposits under Foreign Currency Non-Resident(FCNR) scheme can be accepted for a minimum of _____

[A] 15 days
[B] 3 months
[C] 6 months
[D] 1 year
[E] 7 days

Which among the following is correct about slogans of different banks:

[A] State Bank of Travancore – A Long Tradition of Trust
[B] Syndicate Bank – Your Faithful and Friendly Financial Partner
[C] UCO Bank – Honours Your Trust
[D] All of The Above
[E] None of The Above

The merchant banking activity in India is governed by ___

[D] Both (a) and (c)
[E] None of these

Bank can grant Loans against..?

[A] LIC Policy
[B] CDs (Certificate of Deposits)
[C] FD issued by Other Bank
[D] Mutual Fund
[E] None of the Above

Which among the following sectors contributes most to the saving in India?

[A] Banking and financial sector
[B] Private corporate sector
[C] Export sector
[D] Household sector
[E] None of these

An increase in CRR by RBI leads to

[A] Increase in deposit
[B] Decrease in deposit
[C] Decrease in lendable resources
[D] Increase in lendable resources
[E] None of these

3 Which of the following Acts has specially been enacted to help banks deal with bad loans?

[A] Negotiable Instrument Act
[B] Banking Regulation Act
[D] Companies Act
[E] Offshore Banking Act

Short-term assets, representing amounts due to a vendor or suppliers of goods or services that were sold on credit terms is known as ____.

[A] Account Receivable
[B] Fixed Asset
[C] Deposit Asset
[D] Current Liabilities
[E] None of these