Banking Awareness MCQ-38

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In order to attract more foreign exchange the Govt of India decided to allow foreign investment in LLP firms. What is full form of “LLP” as used in this reference?

[A] Local Labour Promotion
[B] Low Labour Projects
[C] Limited Loan Partnership
[D] Longer Liability Partnership
[E] Limited Liability Partnership

The first company to get RBI’s permission to open White Label ATMs is:

[A] Tata Communications Payment Solutions Limited (TCPSL)
[B] Muthoot Finance
[C] Prizm Payments
[E] None of These

Which of the following Indian company sets it record to be the first company to overtake its parent company in terms of ‘market valuation’?

[A] Mahindra & Mahindra
[B] Tata Motors
[C] Ashok Leyland
[E] None of these

Under which act does RBI issue directives to banks?

[A] PMLA Act, 2002
[B] RBI Act, 1934
[C] DICGC Act, 1961
[D] Banking Regulation Act, 1949
[E] None of these

Indian commercial banks are categorised into:

[A] Public Sector banks
[B] Foreign Banks
[C] Private Sector Banks
[D] All the above
[E] None of the above

In the context of banking business, the increasing trend in the Burden Bearing Ratio would show the following?

[A] Less burden bearing capacity of the bank
[B] More burden bearing capacity of the Bank
[C] Gradual increase in the bad debts
[D] Improvement in the business growth
[E] None of these

The trading regulations of GATT were established between ____and ___:

[A] 1947 and 1994
[B] 1947 and 1995
[C] 1946 and 1996
[D] 1947 and 1996
[E] None of These

Largest shareholder (in percentage shareholding) of a Nationalized bank is ?

[D] Govt of India

Headquarters of Syndicate Bank in

[A] Kolkata
[B] Chennai
[C] Manipal
[D] Mumbai
[E] None of these

In recent times, the term Gold ETF was making news. Which among the following closest instrument to Gold ETF?

[A] Debenture
[B] G-Sec security
[C] Mutual Fund
[D] Commercial Paper
[E] None of these

“Entry Load” is a term associated with which of the following?

[A] Mortgage
[B] Reinsurance
[C] Startups
[D] Mutual Funds
[E] Shipping

If you buy a financial instrument in one market in order to sell the same instrument in another market at higher price, it will be called as

[A] Brokerage
[B] Arbitrage
[C] Forfeiture of Instrument
[D] investment
[E] None of these

The RBI has decided to stop circulation of the coin of which of the following denominations from June 2011?

[A] 50 p.
[B] Rs 1
[C] Rs2
[D] 25 p.
[E] Rs. 5

Those amounts due to vendors or suppliers that must be paid within one year is known as:

[A] Loan Advances
[B] Accounts Payable
[C] Creditors
[D] Debtors
[E] None of These

Universal Banks FDI Limit?

[A] 74%
[B] 85%
[C] 72%
[D] 73%
[E] None of these