Banking Awareness MCQ-37

Banking Aptitude test RRB,IBPS cwe Clerk,Bank Exams,SBI PO mains

When there is an inflationary trend in the economy what would be trend in the pricing of the Bank products?

[A] Increasing trend
[B] Decreasing trend
[C] Constant trend
[D] There is no relevance of the inflation in pricing of the Banking Products
[E] None of these

In which year does the RBI has introduced the Banking Ombudsman Scheme?

[A] 2000
[B] 1993
[C] 1995
[D] 1989
[E] None of these

——– is the regulatory authority for Mutual funds:

[B] Ministry of Corporate affairs
[E] None

IDBI Bank is a ?

[A] Public Sector Bank
[B] Private Sector Bank
[C] Foreign Bank
[D] Cooperative Bank
[E] None of these

Who amongst the following has suggested to the banks in India to give details of fund transfers to customers via SMS/E-mails?

[A] Reserve Bank of India (RBI)
[B] India Banks Association (IBA)
[C] Indian Institute of Banking and Finance
[D] Securities and Exchange Board of India
[E] None of these

What is ‘STT’?

[A] Standard Transaction Tax
[B] Securities transaction tax
[C] Securities transfer tax
[D] Standard transfer tax
[E] None of these

Ratnakar Bank limited (RBL) Bank has announced the opening of its Indian Financial System Code (IFSC) Banking Unit (IBU) at Gujarat International Finance Tec-City (GIFT City). Where is the corporate office of RBL Bank?

[A] Kolhapur
[B] Pune
[C] Nagpur
[D] Mumbai
[E] Nasik

Base rate is the rate below which no bank can allow their lending to anyone. Who sets-up this ‘Base rate’ for banks?

[A] Individual Banks’ Board
[B] Ministry of Commerce
[C] Ministry of Finance
[E] Interest Rate Commission of India

In which year was the Reserve Bank of India established ?

[A] 1935
[B] 1947
[C] 1949
[D] 1952
[E] None of these

The is the apex organization in the Indian money market?

[E] None of these

Which public sector bank of India is the first fully Indian bank, established by the Indian national?

[A] Allahabad Bank
[B] Central Bank of India
[C] State Bank of India
[D] Punjab National Bank
[E] Bank of Baroda

What is the objective of introduction of ‘Marginal Standing Facility’ by RBI?

[A] To contain volatility in the overnight inter-bank rates
[B] To contain volatility in MIBOR
[C] To contain volatility in LIBOR
[D] To match with standard Tier 1 capital Ratio
[E] None of these

Identify the well known person related to Banking field in India from the following?

[A] Mrs. Meira Kumar
[B] Mrs. Kiran Shaw
[C] Mr. Arun Jaitley
[D] Dr. D subbarao
[E] All of the above

The Centre has formed a six-member committee to give a report on ways to improve India’s Haj policy, who among the following is the convener of the Committee?

[A] Najma Heptulla
[B] Badruddin Ajmal
[C] Tariq Anwar
[D] Afzal Amanullah
[E] M J Akbar

On a Cheque instead of two parallel lines only bank’s name is written is known as ______

[A] Payable to bearer
[B] General Crossing
[C] Special Crossing
[D] Both (b) and (c)
[E] None of the Above