Banking Awareness MCQ-40

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Public Sector Banks are required to pay how much percentage of their net bank credit to Priority Sector in advance?

[A] 5%
[B] 7%
[C] 40%
[D] 15%
[E] None of the above

IDBI was established in

[A] 1961
[B] 1962
[C] 1963
[D] 1964
[E] 1965

Which of the following cannot be called as a Debt Instrument as referred in financial transactions?

[A] Certificate of Deposits
[B] Bonds
[C] Stocks
[D] Commercial Papers
[E] Loans

ICICI was formed in

[A] 1955
[B] 1956
[C] 1957
[D] 1989
[E] None of These

Travellers Cheque is_______.

[A] A supplementary credit card
[B] A cheque issued by a bank or finance institution which functions as capital
[C] A certificate issued by a bank or finance institution in lieu of cash
[D] A cheque issued by a bank or finance institution which functions as a bond
[E] A prepaid instrument issued by a bank or financial institutions which can be substitute of cash

Which of the following is correct statement in respect of debit cards :-

[A] Debit card facility is provided to those having savings bank account/current account accounts of individuals, firms and cooperates
[B] This facility is not extended to cash credit/loan account holders
[C] debit card is issued to all the persons who visit the branch
[D] 1 and 2
[E] all of the above .

Who is introduced ‘Paper Currency’ first time in India ?

[A] Muhammad bin Tughlaq
[B] Aurangajab
[C] Akbar
[D] British Government
[E] None of these

What is the full form of REER?

[A] Real Earning Emergent Ratio
[B] Real Elective Effective Ratio
[C] Real Effective Exchange Rate
[D] Role Effective Earned Rate
[E] None of these

What is the full form of forex?

[A] Foreign Exemption
[B] Foreign Exchange
[C] Foreign Expert
[D] Foreign Expansion
[E] None of the above

The scheduled commercial banks must have paid up capital & reserves not less than

[A] Rs 5.00 Lakh
[B] Rs 50.00 Lakh
[C] Rs 10.00 Lakh
[D] Rs 100.00 Lakh
[E] Rs 500.00 Lakh

PAN number is required for all transactions-above:

[A] Rs. 25,000
[B] Rs. 50,000
[C] Rs. 1 lakh
[D] Rs. 10 lakh
[E] Rs. 2 lakh

Which is the first Public Sector Bank to issue capital to public?

[A] Indian Overseas Bank
[B] Syndicate Bank
[C] Oriental Bank of Commerce
[D] Punjab National Bank
[E] None of these

Which of the following was the first Indian bank to open a branch in London in 1946 and the first to open a branch in Paris in 1974?

[A] State Bank of India
[B] Punjab National Bank
[C] Central Bank of India
[D] Allahabad Bank
[E] Bank of India

Bank draft is a ______

[A] letter from the bank
[B] cheque which a bank draws itself
[C] Instruction to a banker to collect a customer’s debt.
[D] Instruction not to honor a stop payment
[E] Other than the given options

If credit facility applied for is rejected, the reasons therefore should be briefly mentioned in the-

[A] Loan Applications Received and Disposal Register
[B] Opinion Reports
[C] Loan Rejection Register
[D] All of the above
[E] Other than the given options