Banking Awareness MCQ-125

Banking Aptitude Test LIC ADO,SBI Clerks,IBPS PO mains,Bank Exams

Who sets up the Bench Mark Interest Rate for Germany ?

[A] German Central Bank
[B] Deutsche Bundes Bank
[C] European Central Bank
[D] Deutsche Bank
[E] None of these

What is “Stagflation”?

[A] inflation with growth
[B] deflation with growth
[C] inflation after deflations
[D] inflation with depression
[E] None of the above

Which one of the following banks gives long term loans to agriculture?

[A] State co-operative bank
[B] Commercial bank
[C] Primary credit society
[D] Land development bank
[E] None of these

Interest payable on savings bank accounts is?

[A] Regulated by Central Govt
[B] Regulated by RBI
[C] Regulated by Finance Minister
[D] De-regulated by RBI
[E] None of these

To control inflationary situation in the economy, RBI can increase one or more of these monetary tools:


Which of the following private banks has signed an agreement with Reliance Jio Money for One-Click payment service ?

[A] Laxmi Vilas Bank
[B] Federal Bank
[C] South Indian Bank
[D] Karnataka Bank
[E] Karur Vysya Bank

Whenever RBI does some Open Market Operation Transaction, actually it wishes to regulate which of the following?

[A] Inflation only
[B] liquidity in economy
[C] Borrowing powers of the banks
[D] Flow of Foreign Direct Investments
[E] None of these

Many a times Government raises additional resources through taxation & allocation of expenditure as per its requirements. It is known as

[A] Credit Policy
[B] Fiscal Policy
[C] Monetary Policy
[D] Taxation Policy
[E] None of these

‘Sugam’ is a scheme launched for

[A] Small tax payers
[B] Pensioners getting old age pension
[C] Big corporate houses
[D] Getting all sorts of permission
[E] None of these

If the customer can do all transactions only in a branch and the branch has no online access, it is called _______.

[A] Online Banking
[B] Internet Banking
[C] Virtual Banking
[D] Brick and Mortar Banking
[E] None of these

_________ as approved a 500 million dollars loan to build a bridge across the Ganga River in Bihar

[A] Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank
[B] World Bank
[C] Asian Development Bank
[D] International Monetary Fund
[E] None of these

What is the maximum age for MD and CEO in Private Sector Banks set by RBI?

[A] 70
[B] 75
[C] 60
[D] 80
[E] None of these

……………refers borrower’s ability to meet immediate liabilities.

[A] Current Ratio
[B] Gearing Ratio
[C] Acid-Test Ratio
[D] All of the above
[E] None of the Above

The Difference between Gross Domestic product and Net Domestic product is

[A] Government Revenue
[B] Net Indirect Tax (Indirect Tax Subsidy)
[C] Consumption of fixed Capital
[D] Net Capital Formation
[E] None of these

Crossing denotes

[A] that the cheque will not be paid across the counter but will be credited to the account of the holder
[B] that the cheque cannot be transferred by the payee named therein
[C] that the cheque will be paid through clearing only
[D] a direction to the paying bank to make payment of the cheque through a bank
[E] none of the above