Banking Awareness MCQ-123

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The Commission charged by a broker is

[A] Brokerage Interest
[B] Brokerage Fee
[C] Brokerage Profit
[D] Brokerage rate
[E] None of these

The currency notes of which of the following denominations are not printed in India ?

[A] Rs5
[B] Rs 10
[C] Rs$0
[D] Rs 1,000
[E] Rs 2,500

Who all can hire a locker in a bank?

[A] Individuals
[B] Limited companies and societies
[C] Specified associations
[D] Two persons jointly
[E] All the above

_____ illustrates the financial position of a bank at a given point of time

[A] Ledger account
[B] Balance sheet
[C] Cash flow statement
[D] Income statement
[E] None of these

Which of the following is the least liquid asset

[A] Money
[B] Shares
[C] Machinery
[D] Special deposits
[E] None of these

Which is the highest bank in the banking structure of India?

[B] Central bank of India
[C] Industrial Development bank of India
[E] None of these

The term smart money refers to __

[A] foreign currency
[B] Internet banking
[C] US Dollars
[D] Traveler’s cheques
[E] credit cards

Many regional Rural Banks were given licenses to open branches in small cities and towns. These licenses were given by –

[A] Indian Banks’ Association
[D] Cabinet Committee on economic affairs
[E] None of these

What is the full form of PPP?

[A] Personal Private Power
[B] Primary Power Parity
[C] Personal Private Parity
[D] Purchasing Power Parity
[E] None of these

The financial results of banks and other organizations normally are expressed in quarters. What does Q -1 means ?

[A] Results of January – March
[B] Performance during April – June
[C] Profits during July – September
[D] The period when the profits were highest
[E] None of these

The nature of convertibility of the Indian Economy is ____.

[A] Convertibility at capital account
[B] Convertibility at trade account
[C] Free Convertible
[D] Convertibility at current account
[E] None of these

Which of the Public Sector Bank tagline “India’s International Bank” ?


Production is

[A] Destruction of Utility
[B] Creation of Value
[C] Creation of Utility
[D] Manufacture of goods
[E] None of these

RBI permitted CBS-enabled Cooperative Banks to issue ATM cards in tie-up with:

[A] State Bank of India
[B] a sponsor bank
[D] Any Nationalised Bank
[E] None

Which was the first bank to be established in India?

[A] Bank of Calcutta
[B] Bank of Hindustan
[C] General Bank of India
[D] State Bank of India
[E] None of these