Banking Awareness MCQ-120

Banking Aptitude Test IBPS PO mains,SBI Clerks,Bank Exams,LIC ADO

The Nippon Ginko is the central bank of:

[A] Canada
[B] Australia
[C] UK
[D] Japan
[E] China

Which of the following organizations/agencies works solely to monitor and arrange flow of agriculture credit in India ?

[E] None of these

The debit card holder can perform which of the following functions ?

[A] Make Point of Sale (POS) purchase
[B] Recharge Prepaid mobile phones
[C] Pay Life Insurance premium
[D] Make donation
[E] All of the above

The Lead Bank Scheme was introduced in the year ___?

[A] 1968
[B] 1969
[C] 1974
[D] 1976
[E] None of the above

KYC’ (Know Your Customer) norms were implemented in the Indian banking system in 2002 as per the directive of ?

[E] None of these

Money deposited at a bank that cannot be withdrawn for at fixed period of time is known as a

[A] Term deposit
[B] Checking Account
[C] Saving Bank deposit
[D] No Frills Accounts
[E] Current deposit

“Experience our expertise” is the tagline of

[A] Kotak Mahindra Bank
[B] HDFC Bank
[C] Yes Bank
[D] Citi Union Bank
[E] None of these

Which of the following is an international forum to discuss and implement supervisory norms in all the banks of the world?

[A] Basel Committee
[B] UN charter on commercial laws.
[C] World trade organization
[D] International Board of banks and finance
[E] None of these

Who is the president of FICCI?

[A] Dr. Naushad Forbes
[B] Sunil Kanoria
[C] Pankaj R.Patel
[D] Shashenk manohar
[E] Anent Geete

In periods of boom, which leads to economic instability, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) resorts to?

[A] Hike in the Bank Rate as a measure of open market operations
[B] Buying of approved securities in the market as a measure of open market operations
[C] Sale in the market of first class securities in its possession to reduce the supply of money as a measure of open market operations
[D] All of the above
[E] None of the above

Which of the following is NOT a part of India’s Money Market?

[A] Bill Market
[B] Call Money Market
[C] Banks
[D] Mutual Funds
[E] Indian Gold Council

What does RBI do if a Re.l note is issued by Government of India?

[A] RBI object the issuance
[B] RBI put into circulation
[C] RBI converts Re. 1 in to higher denomination of Rs.10 and more.
[D] RBI asks banks to not to support for circulation
[E] None of these

Providing banking services to a customer without his entrance inside the bank’s branch is called as:

[A] Virtual banking
[B] Relationship banking
[C] Universal banking
[D] Mobile banking
[E] None of these

Which report is published by World Bank every year?

[A] Human development report
[B] World development report
[C] International finance and development report
[D] World trade development report.
[E] None of these

India’s first banking robot Lakshmi launched by _________ in Chennai (Tamil Nadu). Lakshmi will be first onsite humanoid (robot) in India ?

[A] ICICI Bank
[B] City Union Bank
[C] South Indian Bank
[D] Axis Bank
[E] None of These