Banking Awareness MCQ-115

Banking Aptitude Test IBPS PO mains,LIC ADO,Bank Exams,SBI Clerks

The capital markets regulatory authority has supervision over:

[A] Stock exchanges
[B] Foreign institutional investors
[C] Equity and debt raisers
[D] Mutual funds
[E] All the above

what is the maturity period for senior citizen savings scheme?

[A] 3 years
[B] 5 years
[C] 2 years
[D] 7 years
[E] 4 years

Which of the following cannot be called as a Debt Instrument as referred in financial transactions?

[A] Certificate of Deposits
[B] Bonds
[C] Stocks
[D] Commercial Papers
[E] Loans

Which of the following Rates/Ratios is not covered under the Monetary and Credit Policy of the RBI?

[A] Bank Rate
[B] Repo Rate
[C] Cash Reserve Ratio
[D] Exchange Rate of Foreign Currencies
[E] None of these

The Head of Reserve Bank of India is?

[A] Chief Executive Officer
[B] Managing Director
[C] Chief Banking Officer
[D] Governor
[E] Other than the given options

Structure of Basel II is based on how many pillars?

[A] Two
[B] Ten
[C] Four
[D] Five
[E] Three

Issuing of credit cards is a component of

[A] Corporate Banking
[B] Micro Finance
[C] Retail Banking
[D] Rural Banking
[E] None of these

What does SEZ stand for?

[A] Special Economic Zone
[B] South East Zone
[C] State Enterprise Zones
[D] Stream Environment Zone
[E] None of these

____ short term instrument, have the generic character of T-bills but are issued for maturities less than 91 days.

[A] Dated Government Securities
[B] State Development Loans (SDL)
[C] Cash Management Bills (CMBs)
[D] All of the Above
[E] None of these

Where is the headquarter of Asian Development Bank (ADB) located?

[A] Manila
[B] Singapore
[C] Frankfurt
[D] Bangkok
[E] Kathmandu

Which is the financial year of Reserve Bank of India?

[A] April-March
[B] July-June
[C] October-September
[D] January-December
[E] None of these

Which of the following banks was first to establish merchant banking business in India?

[A] ABN Amro Bank
[B] Citibank
[C] HDFC Bank
[D] Standard chartered
[E] Grindlays Bank

SLR is maintained by banks on which of the following

[A] Demand and Time Deposits
[B] Net Demand and Time Deposits
[C] Demand and Time Liabilities
[D] Net Demand and Time Liabilities
[E] None of these

Which report is published by World Bank every year?

[A] human development report
[B] world development report
[C] international finance and development report
[D] world trade development report
[E] None of these

Whose signature appears on Indian Rs. 100 note?

[A] RBI Governor
[B] Finance Secretary
[C] Finance Minister
[D] Chairman, Planning Commission
[E] None of these