Banking Awareness MCQ-28

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SHCIL was established in 1986 under the Government of India as _______

[A] Private Ltd
[B] Public Ltd
[C] Limited Liability Partnership
[D] Unlimited company
[E] None of the Above

Economic planning is an essential feature of

[A] Dual economy
[B] Mixed economy
[C] Social economy
[D] Capitalist economy
[E] None of these

Where is the headquarter of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) ?

[A] Geneva
[B] Washington DC
[C] London
[D] Manila
[E] Paris

Which of the following is the Statutory Liquidity ratio (SLR), at present?

[A] 10%
[B] 21.50%
[C] 20.50%
[D] 24%
[E] 33%

Under the Banking Regulation Act, 1949, which of following is not qualified to be called as banks in the co-operative sector?

[A] Urban Co-operative Banks
[B] Primary Agricultural Credit Societies
[C] State Co-operative Banks
[D] Central Co-operative Banks
[E] All of the above

Reserve Bank of India is?

[A] Commercial bank
[B] Central bank
[C] Cooperative bank
[D] Rural bank
[E] None of these

“The Bank that begins with “U”” is the tagline of _________

[A] Union Bank of India
[B] UCO Bank
[C] United Bank of India
[D] Central Bank of India
[E] None of these

Bank of Rajasthan was merged with

[E] None of these

Initial repayment holiday given to borrower for repayment of loan is called as ___

[B] moratorium
[C] Amortization
[D] Subvention
[E] None of these

Which of the following is not a Public Sector Unit?

[D] YES Bank
[E] IDBI Bank

For which of the following bank account there is no deduction of TDS?

[A] Saving Bank accounts
[B] Recurring Deposit accounts
[C] Term deposit Accounts
[D] Both A & B
[E] None of these

Which of the following can issue commercial paper for raising short term funds?

[A] Corporate
[B] Primary Dealers
[C] All-India Financial Institutions
[D] Both (B) and (C)
[E] All of the Above

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has asked banks to provide loans up to Rs. 3 lakh to Women Self-Help Group (SHG) at a discounted rate of _____ per annum.

[A] 4%
[B] 6%
[C] 7%
[D] 9%
[E] 5%

Which one of the following is the directive given to the government of India in the financial stability report submitted to it?

[A] To reduce fiscal deficit
[B] To ensure GDP growth
[C] To reduce revenue deficit
[D] Focus on financial consistency
[E] None of these

Who is the MD and CEO of Punjab and Sind Bank?

[A] Arun Tiwari
[B] Kishor Kharat
[C] S Jatinderbir Singh
[D] Ravi Krishnan
[E] None of these