Banking Awareness MCQ-25

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What is Reserve Money (RM)?

[A] Currency in circulation with the public
[B] Deposits of some people with RBI
[C] Cash reserves of the banks
[D] Total of the above three options
[E] None of the above

Mortgage is a:

[A] Security on movable property for a loan
[B] Security on immovable property for a loan
[C] Concession on immovable property
[D] Facility on immovable property
[E] Security on loan sanctioned against fixed deposits

NPCI stands for _____?

[A] National Payments Corporation of India
[B] National Payable Corporation of India
[C] National Payments Co-operative of India
[D] Nation Payable Corporation of India
[E] None of these

Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana was launched in which year?

[A] 2016
[B] 2015
[C] 2014
[D] 2013
[E] None of these

Currency Swap is an instrument to manage

[A] currency risk
[B] interest rate risk
[C] currency and interest rate risk
[D] cash flows in different currency
[E] All of the above

White Label ATM means:

[A] The ATM that does not have any bank logo.
[B] The ATM carries logo of RBI
[C] Both of Above
[D] None of These
[E] ATM Carries fund

Which of the following will be the co-investor for India Aspiration Fund (IAF) and SIDBI Make In India Loan For Enterprises (SMILE),funds launched by SIDBI?

[C] SBI Finance
[D] Tech M
[E] None of these

Expand the term FRBM ____

[A] Financial Responsibility and Business Management
[B] Fiscal Responsibility and Business Management
[C] Financial Responsibility and Budget Management –
[D] Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management
[E] Formal Responsibility and Business Management

Which is the first Indian company to be listed in NASDAQ ?

[A] Reliance
[D] Infosys
[E] None of these

Financial instruments provided short term and they include

[A] Commercial paper
[B] Hundi
[C] Certificates of deposits
[D] Promissory notes
[E] All the above

GATT stands for:

[A] General Agreement on Tariffs, Tradition and Trade
[B] General Agreement on Tradition and Trade
[C] General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
[D] None of The Above
[E] None of these

What is a stale cheque?

[A] A cheque issued without drawer’s signature.
[B] A cheque with only signature of the drawer.
[C] A cheque which has completed 3 months from the date of its issue.
[D] Any one of the above.
[E] None

The safest form of crossing is

[A] Special crossing
[B] Account payee crossing
[C] Double crossing
[D] General crossing
[E] None of these

First Multi-currency international Debit Cards are issued in India by _______.

[A] ICICI Bank
[B] State Bank of India
[C] Axis Bank
[D] Indian Bank
[E] None of these

Coins in India are minted at

[A] Hyderabad
[B] Kolkata
[C] Noida
[D] All the above
[E] None of these