Banking Awareness MCQ-129

Banking Aptitude Test Bank Exams,LIC ADO,IBPS PO mains,SBI Clerks

The term is defined as a central location for keeping securities on deposit?

[A] Depository
[B] Instrument
[C] Institutions
[D] All of the above
[E] None of the above

Which of the following is a financial ratio that gives a measure of a company’s ability to meet its financial losses?

[A] Cash Reverse Ratio
[B] Leverage Ratio
[C] Statutory Liquidity Ratio
[D] Loan-to-Value Ratio
[E] None of these

Loan given by the banks to farmers/small shop owners etc. is known as

[A] Corporate loan
[B] Business loan
[C] Priority Loan
[D] Commercial Loan
[E] None of the above

Whose signature appears on Indian Rs. 100 note?

[A] Finance Minister
[B] RBI Governor
[C] Finance Secretary
[D] Chairman, Planning Commission
[E] None

India Millennium deposit Scheme was introduced by ___.

[C] Axis
[E] None of these

Bill of lading is a:

[A] Negotiable Instrument
[B] Non- negotiable Instrument
[C] Quasi-Negotiable Instrument
[D] All of the above
[E] None of the above

In which of the following States there is no Regional Rural Bank?

[A] Karnataka
[B] Goa
[C] Uttarakhand
[D] Himachal Pradesh
[E] Punjab

The Head Office of National Housing Bank is in

[A] Kolkata
[B] Bangalore
[C] New Delhi
[D] Mumbai
[E] None of these

Banknotes can be issued in any denominations but coins can be issued up to what denomination?

[A] Rs. 5000
[B] Rs. 1000
[C] Rs. 500
[D] Rs. 100
[E] None of these

A service charge on your bank statement will result in:

[A] Interest Deduction from your account
[B] A Lower Balance
[C] Fixed Charges incurred
[D] None of These
[E] None of these

Which of the following is the authority for effecting changes in the Cash Reserve Ratio and Statutory Liquidity Ratio?

[A] Reserve Bank of India
[B] Indian Bank’s Association
[C] Government of India
[E] None of the above

Loan for fish rearing is covered under Priority sector as _____ advances

[A] Direct Agriculture
[B] Self Employed Scheme
[C] Indirect Agriculture
[D] Allied to indirect agriculture
[E] None of these

When Banks accept a fixed sum of money from an individual for a definite term and pay on Maturity with interest, the deposit is known as

[A] Demand Deposit
[B] term Deposit
[C] mortgage
[D] Advances
[E] bond

Which of the following institution is meant for small and medium enterprises?

[E] None of these

Axis bank tagline is

[A] Your perfect banking partner
[B] Badhti ka naam zindagi
[C] Hum Hai Na, Khyal aapka
[D] Cannot be determined
[E] None of these