Banking Awareness MCQ-20

Banking Aptitude MCQ SBI PO mains,Bank Exams,RRB,IBPS cwe Clerk

Where is NDB headquartered?

[A] Beijing
[B] Chengdu
[C] Hong Kong
[D] Shanghai
[E] None of these

Which is the first bank to get ISO certificate?

[A] Corporation Bank
[C] Canara Bank
[D] Syndicate Bank

Foreign exchange reserves of India are kept in the custody of which of the following?

[A] International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
[B] Reserve Bank of India
[C] State Bank of India
[D] International Monetary Fund
[E] Government Treasury

According to the Sarraya Committee, average membership of the society”s is____.

[A] 19
[B] 48
[C] 25
[D] 32
[E] 45

Pawan Kumar Bajaj is the MD and CEO of

[A] United Bank of India
[B] Dena Bank
[C] Bank of Maharashtra
[D] Allahabad Bank
[E] None of these

In which year Public Debt Act was passed ?

[A] 1938
[B] 1940
[C] 1944
[D] 1948
[E] None of these

Which bank became the first bank to open its branch in china?

[A] IDBI bank
[B] HDFC bank
[D] Punjab national bank
[E] None of these

Where are the headquarter of National Housing Bank (NHB)?

[A] New Delhi
[B] Mumbai
[C] Pune
[D] Lucknow
[E] Bangalore

Banks are increasingly selling Insurance products mainly due to ___?

[A] It helps in increase in deposits of a bank
[B] It helps in growing Loan portfolio of a bank
[C] It helps increase commission income of a bank
[D] It diversify the risk of a Bank
[E] Bank have taken over Insurance companies

Which of the following banks is not wholly owned by the Government of India?

[A] Reserve Bank of India
[B] State Bank of India
[C] Punjab and Sind Bank
[D] Central Bank of India
[E] None of these

What is CTS

[A] Cash Transaction system (in banks)
[B] Cheque Transfer System
[C] Cheque Truncation System
[D] Cash Transfer System
[E] None of the above

Khandelwal Committee relates to study of ………….. issue in Public Sector Banks?

[A] Capital Adequacy Ratio
[B] Human Resources
[C] Branch Expansion
[D] Foreign Exchange
[E] None of the above

NCAER is located in _____

[A] Mumbai
[B] New Delhi
[C] Noida
[D] Chennai
[E] Hyderabad

Who fixes the interest on Savings Deposit?

[A] Reserve Bank of India
[B] Government of India
[C] Respective Banks
[D] Finance Minister
[E] None of these

term refers an account that cannot be converted and repatriated into foreign currency.

[A] Non-Resident Ordinary Rupee or NRO Account
[B] Non-Resident Rupee or NRE Account
[C] FCNR Account
[D] Retail Account
[E] None of these