Banking Awareness MCQ-19

Banking Aptitude MCQ SBI PO mains,Bank Exams,IBPS cwe Clerk,RRB

Which of the following is not a primary function of a Bank?

[A] Granting Loans
[B] Collecting Cheques/Drafts customers
[C] Facilitating import of goods
[D] Issuing Bank Drafts
[E] None of these

A ____________is an institution which accepts deposits, makes business loans and other related services

[A] Development bank
[B] Savings bank
[C] Commercial bank
[D] Indigenous bank
[E] Local area bank

Balance Sheet of a firm indicates which of the following?

[A] Profit or Loss over a period.
[B] Financial position of the unit over a period.
[C] Financial position of the unit as on a particular date.
[D] Position of assets and liabilities over a period of time.
[E] None of the above

RBI stipulates a healthy mix of CASA in the business figures of banks. What is CASA?

[A] Customer Analysis and Savings Pattern
[B] Cost Appreciation and selling Analysis
[C] Current Account and saving Account
[D] Credit and savings Aggregate
[E] None of these

The Bank of Calcutta, Bank of Bombay and Bank of Madras were merged in 1921 to form-

[A] Reserve Bank of India
[B] Imperial Bank of India
[C] Bank of India
[D] Union Bank of India
[E] None of these

Which of the following bodies regulates the Regional Rural Banks?

[C] Department of Rural Development
[D] State Government

The first ATM was set-up in Mumbai in 1987 by_________.

[A] ICICI Bank
[C] HDFC Bank
[D] HSBC Bank
[E] None of these

When RBI sells government securities its meaning is?

[A] Liquidity in banking increases
[B] Liquidity gets diminished
[C] Liquidity remains unchanged
[D] None of these
[E] Both a) and b)

The tax payers data flows directly from banks to Tax Information Network (TIN). Who maintains TIN?

[B] National Securities Depository Ltd.
[C] National Securities Defense Ltd.
[D] Enforcement Directorate
[E] None of these

The Banking Ombudsman is person appointed by the _____to redress customer complaints against certain deficiency in banking services:

[A] Indian Banking Personnel Selection
[B] Reserve Bank of India
[C] Securities and Exchange Board of India
[D] None of These
[E] None of these

In which among the following years NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India)was incorporated-

[A] December 2008
[B] January 2006
[C] April 2010
[D] July 2012
[E] None of the given options is true

Which of the following is the private sector Bank in India?

[A] IDBI Bank
[B] Axis Bank
[C] Corporation Bank
[D] UCO Bank
[E] None of the above

A bank is called as “Scheduled Bank” when______.

[A] Its business has crossed Rs. 1000 crore mark
[B] Its branch network is over 100
[C] It is included in the second Schedule of the RBIAct
[D] When it complies with all the three above
[E] None of these

If the involvement of financial intermediary in aiding credit creation without regulatory oversight is Called:

[A] Virtual banking
[B] Common banking
[C] Unit banking
[D] Shadow banking
[E] Yes banking

Interest payable on savings bank accounts is-

[A] decided by banks without following any conditions by RBI.
[B] not regulated by RBI.
[C] regulated by central government.
[D] decided by banks following the guidelines of RBI
[E] None of these