Banking Awareness MCQ-11

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Which of the following is Annuity Service Provider?

[A] Life Insurance Companies
[B] Public Sector Banks
[C] Private Sector Banks
[E] None of these

Which bank bagged the prestigious ‘Bank of the year’ award 2015?

[A] HDFC bank
[B] ICICI bank
[C] Yes Bank
[D] Induslnd Bank
[E] None of these

BIS stands for ?

[A] Bank for Insurance Supervision
[B] Bank for Income Settlements
[C] Bank for International settlements
[D] Bank for International school
[E] None of these

A ‘Non-negotiable5 crossing is a ___?

[A] General crossing
[B] Special crossing
[C] Restricted crossing
[D] Non-transferable crossing
[E] None of the above

The components of Tier I capital of a banking company include:

[A] capital reserve representing surplus arising out of sale proceeds of assets
[B] paid-up capital, statutory reserves and other disclosed free reserves, if any
[C] both (a) and (b)
[D] either (a) and (b)
[E] None of the above

Who has been appointed as the new MD and CEO of Karnataka Bank Ltd?

[A] Mahabaleshwara Mavinakudige Subrahmanya
[B] Polali Jayarama Bhat
[C] Dr. Mukulita Vijayawargiya
[D] Mukta Dutta Tomar
[E] None of the above

Ashok Kumar Pradhan, chief General Manager at state bank of Bihar & Jaipur, has been appointed as executive Director at

[A] United Bank of India
[B] Union Bank of India
[C] Allahabad Bank
[D] Bank of Maharashtra
[E] Punjab National Bank

Which is the first Indian bank that started solely with Indian capital investment?

[A] Canara Bank
[B] Central Bank of India
[C] Punjab National Bank
[D] State Bank of India
[E] None of these

What is inflation?

[A] increase in value of currency
[B] decrease in value of currency
[C] increase in value of commodities
[D] decrease in value of commodities
[E] None of the above

means the period for which the securities cannot be delivered.

[A] Fixed Time Period
[B] Shut Period
[C] Grace Period
[D] Payback Period
[E] None of these

If the RBI wants to infuse credit in Banking system in our country, which of the followings can be done?

[A] Decreasing CRR
[B] Decreasing SLR
[C] Both (a) and (b)
[D] None of the above
[E] Cannot be determined

If a company, which is not a non – banking financial company wants to collect public deposits, it is governed by Act:

[A] RBI Act 1934
[B] Banking companies Act
[C] Companies Act 1956
[D] Central Government
[E] None of the above

The Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account opened on the basis of simplified KYC norms are treated as Small Account. BSBDA-Small Accounts are NOT subject to which of the following conditions?

[A] Total credits should not exceed Rs. 1 lakh in a year.
[B] Maximum balance should not exceed Rs.50,000 at any time.
[C] The total of debits should not exceed Rs. 10,000 in a month.
[D] Foreign remittances can’t be credited without completing normal KYC formalities.
[E] Other than the given options

Current deposits are also known as

[A] Time Deposits
[B] Demand Deposits
[C] Recurring Deposits
[D] Fixed Deposits
[E] None of these

Reserve Bank of India was nationalised in?

[A] 1945
[B] 1949
[C] 1950
[D] 1955
[E] None of these