Banking Awareness MCQ-16

Banking Aptitude MCQ Bank Exams,SBI PO mains,RRB,IBPS cwe Clerk

Which of the following is NOT a retail banking product?

[A] Fixed deposit account
[B] Working capital finance
[C] Personal loan
[D] Housing loan
[E] Educational loan

_ _ _ is basically charged when a person uses a credit card-to obtain cash.

[A] Early Repayment Charge
[B] Redemption Fee
[C] Transaction Fee
[D] Cash Advance Fee
[E] None of these

Recently, Yeldi Softcom received a licence for RBI to set up which of the following?

[A] open wallet
[B] semi-closed wallet
[C] closed wallet
[D] semi-open wallet
[E] None of these

FBI refers to—

[A] Fixed Deposit Interest
[B] Fixed Deposit Investment
[C] Foreign Direct Investment
[D] Future Derivative Investment
[E] None of these

Sub-prime lending refers to

[A] lending to the customers who are most valued for the bank.
[B] lending to the customers who come to the bank for the very first time
[C] lending to the people with less than standard credit status
[D] lending to the people who live a sub-standard life.
[E] None of these

In terms of Reserve Bank of India (RBI) guidelines, Banks in India must pay a minimum interest on the balances held in Saving bank account at_____?

[A] 4%
[B] 3.50%
[C] 5%
[D] 6%
[E] 7%

Leads for Home Loans can be obtained from?

[A] Traders
[B] Trusts
[C] Builders
[D] Cooperative societies
[E] None of these

Loan of very small amounts given to low income groups is called ?

[A] Cash credit
[B] Micro credit
[C] Simple overdraft
[D] No frills loans
[E] Rural credit

A bond issued at a price less than its face value and payable on its due date at its face value bearing no ROI (Rate of Interest) is called______.

[A] Preference Bond
[B] Zero Coupon Bond
[C] Convertible Bond
[D] Perpetual Bond
[E] Sovereign Bond

Commercial paper may be issued for a period of__?

[A] 90 days
[B] 91 to 180 days
[C] 7 days to one year
[D] All the above
[E] None of the above

___is a voluntary market body for the bond, money and derivatives markets.

[E] None of the above

In which of the following accounts, operation by cheques is permitted?

[A] Savings bank accounts and fixed deposit accounts
[B] Current accounts and fixed deposit accounts
[C] Savings bank accounts and floating loan accounts
[D] Savings bank accounts and cash accounts
[E] Savings banks accounts and current accounts

The Kisan Credit Card Scheme is being implemented by all

[A] Public Sector Commercial Banks
[B] Regional Rural Banks
[C] State Cooperative Banks/DCCBs/PACS nad Scheduled Primary Cooperative Banks
[D] All of the above
[E] None of the above

What is the minimum period of maturity prescribed for Commercial Paper (CP)?

[A] 17 Months
[B] 14 Days
[C] 01 Year
[D] 07 days
[E] 05 years

SEPA Stands for ____

[A] Scottish Environment Protection Agency
[B] Single Euro Payments Area
[C] Scottish Environment Protection Area
[D] Single Euro Payments Agency
[E] None of the Above