Banking Awareness MCQ-15

Banking Aptitude MCQ Bank Exams,SBI PO mains,IBPS cwe Clerk,RRB

FICCI is the largest and oldest apex business organisation in India. (FICCI) was established in-

[A] 1913
[B] 1919
[C] 1927
[D] 1935
[E] 1949

IDBI was established in

[A] 1961
[B] 1962
[C] 1963
[D] 1964
[E] 1965

Any change in flow of funds and the demand of them, is clearly reflected in?

[A] Call money market
[B] Money market
[C] Repo market
[D] Commercial bill market
[E] None of these

Which of the following set up core banking infrastructure for rural banks?


Which of the following public sector banks has recently celebrated it centenary year?

[A] Central Bank of India
[B] Allahabad Bank
[C] State Bank of India
[D] Bank of Maharashtra
[E] Bank of Baroda

Public Sector Banks Includes:

[A] 20 Nationalized Banks + 5 SBI Associates + IDBI
[B] 20 Nationalized Banks + SBI + 7 Private Banks
[C] 19 Nationalized Banks + SBI + Private Sector Banks +IDBI
[D] 19 Nationalized Banks + SBI + 5 SBI Associates + IDBI
[E] None of These

Indian Bank was esatblished on

[A] 1906
[B] 1907
[C] 1908
[D] 1910
[E] None of these

Which state is called the ‘Cradle of Banking’ in India, as seven leading banks of India have originated from this state?

[A] Gujarat
[B] Karnataka
[C] Maharashtra
[D] West Bengal
[E] None of these

PAN card issued by the income tax department cannot be used for which of the following purpose?

[A] Proof of identity
[B] Proof of a registered tax payer
[C] Proof of address
[D] Proof of date of birth
[E] None of these

RBI was established in 1935 pursuant to recommendation of:

[A] The Hilton Young Commission
[B] All India Rural Credit Survey Committee
[C] Gorawala Committee
[D] Talwar Committee
[E] None of the above

which of the following fall under the qualitative method of credit control adopted by the Reserve bank of India?

[A] Selective credit control
[B] Moral suasion
[C] Credit authorization scheme
[D] All the above
[E] None of these

FII Stands for ____.

[A] Foreign Institutional Investor
[B] Foreign International Investor
[C] Forward Institutional Investor
[D] Formal Institutional Investor
[E] Formal International Investor

In regards to insurance, ‘A policy provision to be restored from a lapsed status and resume active coverage, is termed as ‘

[A] Reaffirmation
[B] Reinsurance
[C] Reinstallment
[D] Revocation
[E] None of these

Service Area Approach (SAA) is associated With?

[A] Development banks
[B] Branches of commercial banks situated in metro cities
[C] Urban branches of commercial banks
[D] Rural and Semi-urban branches of commercial banks
[E] None of these

Capital Market Regulator is—