Analytical Reasoning-Arrangements MCQ-2

Logical Reasoning MCQ IBPS Clerks,SBI POs,Bank Exams,RRB,ssc,CAT

Directions for questions 1 to 4: Study the data and answer the questions that follow.

Only five persons namely Kally, Loyd, Michaeal, Nanzo and Phelps participated in the racing contest in school. While the judges were finalising the ranks, Amy, Barbie,Cathrene and Dolly who had been watching the contest,commented as follows:

Cathrene said: “Nanzo will not be the third. Micheal will be the first.”

Barbiesaid: “Nanzo will be the third. Nanzo will get a lower rank than Loyd.”

Amy said: “Kally will be the second. Loyd will be the last.”

Dolly said : “Loyd will be the last, if and only if Micheal is not the first.”

In the end Dolly and one (and only one) statement of each of Amy, Barbie and Cathrene were proven correct. Each of the competitors got a different rank.

1. Who won the contest?

(A) Kally
(B) Loyd
(C) Micheal
(D) Nanzo
(E) Cannot be determined

2. Who ranked below Loyd?

(A) Micheal
(B) Kally
(C) Nanzo
(D) Phelps
(E) Cannot be determined

3. Who ranked above Nanzo?

(A) Micheal and Kally
(B) Kally and Loyd
(C) Nanzo and Phelps
(D) Micheal and Phelps
(E) Micheal and Loyd.

4. The number of persons ranking above Kally is /are:

(A) 0
(B) 1
(C) 2
(D) 3
(E) Cannot be determined

Direction for questions 5 to 9:
Answer the questions based on the data given below.

A, B, C and D each lives in an apartment.

1. Their apartments are arranged linearly as shown:

I– II– III– IV —- > East

2. One of the four is the landlord.

3. If C’s apartment is not next to B’s apartment, then the landlord is A and lives in apartment I.

4. If As apartment is east of C’s apartment, then the landlord is D and lives in apartment I.

5. If B’s apartment is not next to D’s apartment, then the landlord is C and lives in apartment III.

6. If A’s apartment is east of D’s apartment, then the landlord is B and lives in apartment II.

5. Who is the landlord?

(A) D
(B) C
(C) B
(D) A
(E) Cannot be determined

6. Who stays in apartment IV?

(A) D
(B) C
(C) B
(D) A
(E) Cannot be determined

7. Who stays to the west of D?

(A) A
(B) B
(C) C
(D) A or B
(E) B or C

8. The only person to stay in an apartment with same numbering as his name order in the English alphabet is

(A) A and B
(B) B and C
(C) C and D
(D) All of these
(E) Cannot be determined

9. The person residing in apartment II stays between

(A) D and C.
(B) A and C
(C) C and B.
(D) D and A.
(E) A and B