Antonyms MCQ-33

Choose the most appropriate antonym out of the given options for the word (in bold) in the sentence :

She has acquired reputation for deceit.

(A) deception
(B) fraud
(C) honesty
(D) distortion

We all should deplore the present state of morality.

(A) bemoan
(B) denounce
(C) rejoice
(D) applaud

He dismantled machine’s parts for packing.

(A) broke
(B) knocked down
(C) separated
(D) assembled

He is encumbered with numerous obligations.

(A) enmeshed
(B) burdened
(C) hampered
(D) disburdened

He made a fervent appeal for support.

(A) feverish
(B) fiery
(C) burning
(D) dispassionate

Human-beings are generally gregarious people.

(A) reclusive
(B) seclusive
(C) social
(D) un-social

He is indifferent towards politics.

(A) attracted
(B) unconcerned
(C) concerned
(D) similar

In the absence of meaningful engagements, time lingers.

(A) fleets
(B) lengthens
(C) tarries
(D) stays

Dark clouds look ominous.

(A) portentous
(B) threatening
(C) propitious
(D) harmful

He gave aplausible explanation of his failure to accomplish the assigned task.

(A) applaud able
(B) truthful
(C) specious
(D) untrue

The boy passed scurrilous remark on girls passing-by.

(A) obscene
(B) jocular
(C) decent
(D) crude

The wet log got warped on getting dried up.

(A) bent
(B) straightened
(C) twisted
(D) flat

Deciduous trees take on new leaves annually.

(A) permanent
(B) shedding
(C) evergreen
(D) eternal

One earnestly desires to join family get-together in festivals.

(A) yearns
(B) craves
(C) solicits
(D) loathes

Deadlock in negotiation dismayed both sides.

(A) grieved
(B) disheartened
(C) encouraged
(D) pained

His arrogant behaviour infuriated me.

(A) incensed
(B) pacified
(C) fired
(D) provoked

He is a person of extremely fickle mind.

(A) capricious
(B) stable
(C) capacious
(D) fictitious

He grieves over the loss in business.

(A) laments
(B) weeps
(C) rejoices
(D) desecrate

This plant is indigenous to India.

(A) autochthonous
(B) aboriginal
(C) alien
(D) natural

An incompetent person becomes malevolent towards successful people.

(A) injurious
(B) malicious
(C) benevolent
(D) selfish