Antonyms MCQ-36

Choose the most appropriate antonym out of the given options for the word (in bold) in the sentence :

She dissembled crookedness with ingenuous pretentions.

(A) betrayed
(B) concealed
(C) dispersed
(D) dismantled

I esteem him for his honesty.

(A) commend
(B) respect
(C) disdain
(D) support

Lack of generosity is his notable foible.

(A) failing
(B) character
(C) forte
(D) flaw

A hasty decision usually makes one repentant.

(A) precipitate
(B) testy
(C) deliberated
(D) quick

People somehow got rid of iniquitous despot.

(A) unjust
(B) cruel
(C) hostile
(D) righteous

The lawyer marshaled facts before arguing the case in the court.

(A) ordered for
(B) arranged in order
(C) combined
(D) scattered

Grief is patent on her face.

(A) unconcealed
(B) latent
(C) dim
(D) obscure

Polemical views of bigots are threat to social harmony.

(A) uncompromising
(B) controversial
(C) eirenic
(D) argumentative

The party refused the return of the renegades into party fold.

(A) apostates
(B) adherents
(C) sticklers
(D) traitors

He is a scholar of deep knowledge.

(A) profound
(B) abysmal
(C) shallow
(D) drowning

He could not get a job yet, due to his desultory attempts.

(A) distressing
(B) fitful
(C) consistent
(D) pertinent

I dissuated him from leaving the job.

(A) persuaded
(B) deterred
(C) discouraged
(D) dissipated

The universe is eternal.

(A) unchanging
(B) perpetual
(C) enduring
(D) transitory

Speeches shall be followed by dinner.

(A) accompanied
(B) succeeded
(C) preceded
(D) ensued

He never heeds sane advice.

(A) listens
(B) cares
(C) worries
(D) ignores

Inordinate delay in the trains arrival irked the passengers.

(A) disorderly
(B) excessive
(C) unreasonable
(D) moderate

He is a mendacious person.

(A) false
(B) veracious
(C) lying
(D) untrue

The old man was sitting in a pensive mood.

(A) sorry
(B) grieving
(C) thinking
(D) thoughtless

To joust with a potent person is not a politic act.

(A) shrewd
(B) expedient
(C) tactless
(D) clever

Repentance cleanses the sinner’s soul.

(A) remorse
(B) sorrow
(C) impenitence
(D) regret