Antonyms MCQ-35

Choose the most appropriate antonym out of the given options for the word (in bold) in the sentence :

He extended a flimsy excuse for his failure.

(A) thin
(B) shoddy
(C) loose
(D) convincing

Bad weather hampered progress of the work.

(A) hindered
(B) furthered
(C) interfered
(D) delayed

He improvised his act directly on the stage.

(A) extemporize
(B) rehearsed
(C) provided
(D) prepared

He is suffering from malignant tumour.

(A) malevolent
(B) malicious
(C) pernicious
(D) benignant

He paraded his medal and prizes proudly.

(A) marched
(B) flaunted
(C) concealed
(D) promenaded

His poignant remorse was cathartic.

(A) severe
(B) pricking
(C) sincere
(D) mild

He failed to redeemhis pawned watch due to want of money.

(A) reclaim
(B) ransom
(C) forfeit
(D) abandon

A decrepit old man could hardly walk.

(A) weak
(B) infirm
(C) emaciated
(D) vigorous

He has become despondent about his failing health.

(A) dependent
(B) despairing
(C) happy
(D) encouraged

He disregarded my advice.

(A) ignored
(B) heeded
(C) disrespected
(D) mistreated

Epicurean leaders of present time are in sharp contrast to Gandhian leaders.

(A) indulgent in luxury
(B) sensuous
(C) ascetic
(D) licentious

He is my bitter foe.

(A) adversary
(B) feud
(C) friend
(D) fiend

The group, though looked cohesive, lacked harmony.

(A) symmetry
(B) melody
(C) concord
(D) discord

Rain water ingressed into houses in low-lying areas.

(A) immersed
(B) entered
(C) egressed
(D) progressed

The holiday was marred by bad weather.

(A) damaged
(B) impaired
(C) spoilt
(D) enhanced

Checking corruption in the country is paramount.

(A) supreme
(B) most important
(C) unimportant
(D) superior

She was walking carefully poising a water jug on her head.

(A) balancing
(B) controlling
(C) disbalancing
(D) stabilizing

It is very difficult to handle a refractory child.

(A) hard
(B) obstinate
(C) obedient
(D) rude

Dedicated workers are assets of a company.

(A) devoted
(B) sacrificing
(C) dallying
(D) trifling

He is now destitute of resources due to reckless squandering.

(A) deprived
(B) needy
(C) impoverished
(D) affluent