Antonyms MCQ-37

Choose the most appropriate antonym out of the given options for the word (in bold) in the sentence :

Defective machine hampered the progress of work.

(A) imperfect
(B) faulty
(C) flawless
(D) abnormal

He detected a thief lurking behind the house in dark.

(A) descried
(B) discovered
(C) overlooked
(D) missed

His stomach distended with flatulence.

(A) extended
(B) protruded
(C) bloated
(D) shrunk

Trifling with patients’ treatment is against the professional ethics.

(A) beliefs
(B) honesty
(C) immorality
(D) principles of morality

He is feeling forlorn of own people in this distant city.

(A) sad
(B) in company of
(C) desolate
(D) hopeless

He was punished for his heinous offence.

(A) sinful
(B) feral
(C) reprehensible
(D) admirable

Inquisitive mind keeps on asking why.

(A) prying
(B) peeking
(C) curious
(D) uninterested

Mostly the non-government organizations, though profess to work for poor people, are mercenary.

(A) profit-seeking
(B) venal
(C) voluntary
(D) dishonest

215) It is a perennial fruit-bearing plant.

(A) throughout the year
(B) seasonal
(C) perpetual
(D) eternal

People’s outrage over rising hardships due to high inflation portends doom for the government.

(A) augurs
(B) forebodes
(C) threatens
(D) foretells

He repudiated charges made against him.

(A) disowned
(B) enforced
(C) accepted
(D) contradicted

The meeting was deferred due to lack of quorum.

(A) postponed
(B) put off
(C) held on schedule
(D) yielded

He is a devout Hindu.

(A) sincere
(B) holy
(C) pious
(D) irreverent

Distinction in height helps us identify the twins.

(A) clarity
(B) confusion
(C) difference
(D) resemblance

The minister tried to evade reporter’s questions.

(A) dodge
(B) confront
(C) escape
(D) elude

The former of the two suggestions was acceptable.

(A) prior
(B) past
(C) latter
(D) ancient

He is humble, despite his high rank.

(A) arrogant
(B) polite
(C) meek
(D) submissive

An intrepid person does not hesitate to venture.

(A) anxious
(B) fearless
(C) shaky
(D) timid

He is meticulous about his physical appearance.

(A) finical
(B) fearful
(C) methodical
(D) careless

His perfidious friend ditched him.

(A) faithful
(B) disloyal
(C) perfect
(D) false

Judgment of this age should be left to posterity.

(A) descendants
(B) ancestry
(C) priority
(D) future

Dispersal of clouds revealed the sun in the sky.

(A) shrouded
(B) divulged
(C) unveiled
(D) concealed