Antonyms MCQ-34

Choose the most appropriate antonym out of the given options for the word (in bold) in the sentence :

Public anger against price-rise of petrol is palpable.

(A) obvious
(B) evident
(C) perceptible
(D) imperceptible

People of plebeian taste can’t appreciate abstract art works.

(A) sophisticated
(B) vulgar
(C) popular
(D) trite

He has a queer notion about life in U.S.A.

(A) different
(B) odd
(C) usual
(D) questionable

His wayward son has become incorrigible.

(A) willful
(B) obedient
(C) astray
(D) capricious

He is a man of decisive actions.

(A) determining
(B) determined
(C) conclusive
(D) prevaricating

Polar regions are desolate place.

(A) sad
(B) uninhabited
(C) populous
(D) barren

Wind dispersed the cloud in the sky.

(A) dispelled
(B) gathered
(C) blew
(D) drove away

Social system has still enslaved womenfolk.

(A) bonded
(B) imprisoned
(C) emancipated
(D) suppressed

The servant’s fidelity towards his master is perfect.

(A) fealty
(B) belief
(C) disloyalty
(D) confidence

Ordinary people hallow saints.

(A) honour
(B) venerate
(C) consecrate
(D) desecrate

The implacable creditor refused to give more time to return money, despite entreaties.

(A) cruel
(B) inexorable
(C) merciful
(D) flexible

Malign people in high position without substance.

(A) vilify
(B) abuse
(C) praise
(D) despise

An amount of one rupee is a paltry sum these days.

(A) petty
(B) contemptible
(C) significant
(D) inconsiderable

The power breakdown plunged the whole city into darkness.

(A) stooped
(B) submerged
(C) emerged
(D) soared

Radical change in polity is needed to check rampant corruption.

(A) root
(B) basic
(C) superficial
(D) drastic

He looked weary after long hours of work.

(A) tired
(B) interested
(C) energetic
(D) sad

He affirmed his intention to resign his job.

(A) offended
(B) averred
(C) denied
(D) assented

Rescuers made a final desperate attempt to save the child.

(A) reckless
(B) hopeless
(C) hopeful
(D) intolerable

His disposition towards meticulousness in work is appreciable.

(A) liking
(B) proclivity
(C) unwillingness
(D) mentality

Joys of childhood are ephemeral.

(A) temporary
(B) permanent
(C) short-lived
(D) long lasting