Antonyms MCQ-28

Choose the most appropriate antonym out of the given options for the word (in bold) in the sentence :

He mumbled his views on the subject of discussion.

(A) articulated
(B) muted
(C) muttered
(D) uttered

The import of what he said in his speech was perspicuous.

(A) indistinct
(B) lucid
(C) paque
(D) bright

A prodigal person is likely to be impoverished in due course of time.

(A) improvident
(B) frugal
(C) proud
(D) extraordinary

He is steadfast in his faith.

(A) staunch
(B) firm
(C) wavering
(D) constant

He is very curious about his neighbours.

(A) desirous
(B) inquisitive
(C) indifferent
(D) excited

It was a deliberate action.

(A) careful
(B) intentional
(C) premeditated
(D) impulsive

Bereaved of elder brother, he was disconsolate.

(A) unhappy
(B) inconsolable
(C) soothed
(D) sad

He is a droll person.

(A) comically humorous
(B) serious
(C) boring
(D) whimsical

He ordered his staff to expedite the work.

(A) hasten
(B) move
(C) procrastinate
(D) ensnare

Clouds are gathering in the sky indicating rainfall.

(A) accumulating
(B) collecting
(C) dispersing
(D) frittering

His impertinent behaviour annoyed me.

(A) irrelevant
(B) brazen
(C) insane
(D) polite

Lax laws engenders sense of impunity in offenders.

(A) rigid
(B) strict
(C) lenient
(D) loose

She is so naive as to believe in anyone.

(A) novice
(B) simpleton
(C) crafty
(D) nonsense

He was persuaded to perjure in the court.

(A) agreed
(B) induced
(C) dissuaded
(D) coaxed

A precocious child possesses prodigious talent.

(A) extraordinarily marvelous
(B) commonplace
(C) proven
(D) progressing

He unleashed vicious compaign to tarnish my reputation.

(A) blacken
(B) blemish
(C) brighten
(D) exalt

Current practice of endogamous marriages is crumbling now.

(A) prevalent
(B) running
(C) obsolete
(D) modern

He has a delicate sense of smell.

(A) crude
(B) exquisite
(C) fragile
(D) delightful

There is stark discrepancy in what you preach and what you practice.

(A) gap
(B) contrariness
(C) consistency
(D) discreetness

He is a person with dusky complexion.

(A) shadowy
(B) swarthy
(C) blond
(D) twilight