Antonyms MCQ-26

Choose the most appropriate antonym out of the given options for the word (in bold) in the sentence :

He is reputed to be easily excitable.

(A) stimulated
(B) placid
(C) infuriated
(D) provoked

She is worried about her forward daughter.

(A) contrary
(B) arrogant
(C) tractable
(D) frowning

Innoculation renders a child immune to diseases.

(A) impunity
(B) exempt
(C) resistant
(D) susceptible

She ravelled the knot like a Gordian knot.

(A) tangled
(B) unraveled
(C) revolved
(D) complicated

Morbid condition of economy is the cause of concern.

(A) deadly
(B) bad
(C) sick
(D) healthy

The shrine witnesses perpetual stream of pilgrims.

(A) unending
(B) discontinuous
(C) permanent
(D) temporary

Job tenure in private companies is precarious.

(A) secure
(B) unsure because of depending on other’s mercy
(C) unsteady
(D) dangerous

The volube spokesman kept on speaking to the chagrin of the listeners.

(A) succinct
(B) verbose
(C) strident
(D) loud

He is trying to cultivate friendship with me.

(A) till
(B) grow
(C) neglect
(D) improve

The defeated team members wore a dejected expression.

(A) rejected
(B) sad
(C) dispirited
(D) elated

The government adopts dilatory tactics in taking unpalatable decisions.

(A) procrastinating
(B) deferring
(C) prompt
(D) widening

Docile workers readily follow the instructions.

(A) submissive
(B) meek
(C) intractable
(D) stubborn

The old woman began to execrate all those who were teasing her.

(A) denounce
(B) imprecate
(C) damn
(D) bless

He is very frugal in spending money.

(A) miser
(B) prudent
(C) penurious
(D) lavish

His impassionate appeal moved people.

(A) emotional
(B) impassive
(C) tranquil
(D) inflamed

They pursued their goal in lackadaisical manner.

(A) lacking
(B) listless
(C) unconcerned
(D) lively

Rejected by voters in election, many small parties are in moribund state:

(A) discarded
(B) dying
(C) vivacious
(D) closure

Persistent incidents of violence in the city make people afraid of moving out freely.

(A) insistent
(B) steady
(C) sporadic
(D) tenacious

Many a tribal society is still mired in primitive traditions.

(A) primany
(B) pristine
(C) old
(D) modern

Only a few lucky ones could survive in the disaster.

(A) succour
(B) remain alive
(C) succumb
(D) win