Antonyms MCQ-31

Choose the most appropriate antonym out of the given options for the word (in bold) in the sentence :

The accused was pronounced guilty, defence lawyer’s brilliant arguments notwithstanding.

(A) failure
(B) despite
(C) due to
(D) without

The devotee leads a life full of piety.

(A) pain
(B) devotion
(C) veneration
(D) irreverence

Sagacious patriarch is a source of prudent advice.

(A) sapient
(B) practical
(C) illustrious
(D) foolish

Treason is an unforgivable crime.

(A) loyalty
(B) sedition
(C) treachery
(D) patriotism

He deliberately dallies with his duties.

(A) procrastinates
(B) fondles
(C) hastens
(D) loiters

The demure girl sat aloof.

(A) sober
(B) hesitant
(C) indecorous
(D) arrogant

Stashed pot of valuables was disinterred from the courtyard’s underground.

(A) hurried
(B) exhumed
(C) dug out
(D) extracted

The sun emerged from behind the clouds.

(A) came out
(B) emanated
(C) immerged
(D) mixed up

This is the story of fabulous exploits of an adventurer.

(A) marvelous
(B) fictitious
(C) factual
(D) historical

His career prospect seems to be gloomy.

(A) shady
(B) dark
(C) bright
(D) hopeless

Dissatisfaction incites anger.

(A) stimulates
(B) instigates
(C) subsides
(D) encourage

His body was limp with exhaustion.

(A) loose
(B) drooping
(C) tired
(D) erect

He is a novice in politics.

(A) tyro
(B) experienced
(C) fool
(D) new

His piteous cry for help moved us.

(A) reverent
(B) pathetic
(C) delightful
(D) pious

Salient features of a machine determine its price.

(A) solid
(B) outstanding
(C) basic
(D) unimportant

He was forgiven for venial offence.

(A) vicious
(B) pardonable
(C) felonious
(D) serious

There is a dearth of doctors in hospitals.

(A) famine
(B) abundance
(C) plethora
(D) scarcity

People denounce politicians as morally corrupt.

(A) declare
(B) announce
(C) condemn
(D) commend

He is disinterested in their dispute.

(A) impartial
(B) un-interested
(C) having selfish motive
(D) indifferent

Hordes of technocrats emigrate to U.S.A. every year.

(A) leave own country to settle in foreign countries
(B) immigrate
(C) move
(D) flee