Antonyms MCQ-29

Choose the most appropriate antonym out of the given options for the word (in bold) in the sentence :

He is an expert in this field.

(A) experienced
(B) greenhorn
(C) knowledgeable
(D) connoisseur

Gaudy decoy looks vulgar.

(A) showy
(B) garish
(C) immodest
(D) sober

He is known always to take impetuous decisions.

(A) rash
(B) emotional
(C) careful
(D) studied

He …… his friend until entire fortune was exhausted.

(A) sucked
(B) sponged on
(C) treated
(D) befooled

His wife keeps on nagging at him all day.

(A) pricking
(B) hectoring
(C) comforting
(D) complaining

Do not try to pervert my statement.

(A) distort
(B) correct
(C) mislead
(D) misuse

Harsh retort by the son ruffled his father.

(A) upset
(B) untidied
(C) smoothed
(D) soothed

His position in the team is tenuous.

(A) slender
(B) strong
(C) attenuated
(D) tender

He gave a very curt reply to my query.

(A) rude
(B) brief
(C) abrupt
(D) polished

She takes great delight in teasing me.

(A) charm
(B) joy
(C) satisfaction
(D) distress

He brought disgrace on his family with his misdeeds.

(A) insult
(B) ignominy
(C) respect
(D) honour

He made an earnest appeal to people to help him.

(A) urgent
(B) arrogant
(C) fervent
(D) trifling

He expressed his explicit opinion.

(A) open
(B) unequivocal
(C) confused
(D) ambiguous

Kids were frolicking in gay spirit.

(A) miserable
(B) jolly
(C) wanton
(D) showy

A country is left impoverished by war it fights.

(A) reduced to poverty
(B) bereft
(C) enriched
(D) poor

A libertine person is despicable.

(A) free
(B) licentious
(C) prudish
(D) pure

He nibbled at the apple he was eating.

(A) bite
(B) gorged
(C) gulped
(D) scratched

A hypochondriac is suffering from phantom feeling of pain in abdomen.

(A) real
(B) imaginary
(C) ghost
(D) illusory

Tyrants are ruthless.

(A) compassionate
(B) cruel
(C) adamant
(D) ferocious

She took out frozen stuff from refrigerator and kept on the table to let it thaw.

(A) warm
(B) deliquesce
(C) melt
(D) freeze