Antonyms MCQ-25

Choose the most appropriate antonym out of the given options for the word (in bold) in the sentence :

He leads a modest life.

(A) modern
(B) moderate
(C) pretentious
(D) unassuming

Mountaineering is a perilous adventure.

(A) injurious
(B) risky
(C) safe
(D) disadvantageous

His plan was unacceptable because it was not practicable.

(A) practical
(B) feasible
(C) unattainable
(D) worth

People are skeptical about governments sincerity to curb corruption.

(A) shaky
(B) confident
(C) doubtful
(D) cynic

It is a very critical moment in his life.

(A) hazardous
(B) crucial
(C) precarious
(D) unimportant

The defiled house was stinking.

(A) impure
(B) sullied
(C) impure
(D) immaculate

Diffident person shirks from taking responsibility.

(A) confused
(B) defiant
(C) unconfident
(D) self-confident

Social and cultural diversity is the uniqueness of our country.

(A) divergence
(B) dis-similarity
(C) difference
(D) uniformity

The boy is endowed with exceptional intellect.

(A) special
(B) peculiar
(C) average
(D) outstanding

Fresh vegetables are available in abundance.

(A) new
(B) raw
(C) unfaded
(D) stale

Breaking out of war with hostile country is imminent.

(A) impending
(B) possible
(C) remote
(D) impossible

He is in jolly mood.

(A) sportive
(B) jovial
(C) melancholy
(D) playful

The need to take tough stand against corruption is a moot point.

(A) doubtful
(B) debatable
(C) indisputable
(D) major

The buildingperished in the earthquake.

(A) ruined
(B) survived
(C) decayed
(D) disappeared

He is a practical politician.

(A) sensible
(B) unwise
(C) practicing
(D) practicable

A somber passage way led to the large hall.

(A) gloomy
(B) doleful
(C) dusky
(D) bright

He was censured for his culpable act.

(A) criminal
(B) heinous
(C) blameworthy
(D) praiseworthy

He felt degraded with their remark.

(A) disgraced
(B) deprived
(C) reduced
(D) exalted

Narrow arteries are dilated to all blood flow.

(A) expanded
(B) expatiated
(C) spread
(D) constricted

Compassion is divine virtue in a person.

(A) supreme
(B) sacred
(C) mundane
(D) religious