Antonyms MCQ-30

Choose the most appropriate antonym out of the given options for the word (in bold) in the sentence :

He followed customary practice of visiting neighbours occasionally.

(A) habitual
(B) conventional
(C) uncommon
(D) regular

Oh! God, deliver me from these boring people.

(A) throw
(B) liberate
(C) enthrall
(D) save

His petty quibblings disgusted me.

(A) delighted
(B) relished
(C) offended
(D) annoyed

It is our weakness to run after earthly pleasures.

(A) divine
(B) mundane
(C) ordinary
(D) worthless

His remark was extraneous to the topic at hand.

(A) extrinsic
(B) extra
(C) intrinsic/pertinent
(D) rare

Germane facts were collected to reach the conclusion.

(A) genuine
(B) relevant
(C) inept
(D) inapt

The boy got punishment for his impudent behaviour.

(A) bold
(B) arrogant
(C) brazen
(D) courteous

It was a lifeless performance.

(A) dead
(B) animate
(C) dull
(D) living

He gave the restaurant waiter a niggardly tip.

(A) poor
(B) stingy
(C) miser
(D) generous

He is a man of phlegmatic disposition.

(A) humorous
(B) placid
(C) passionate
(D) passive

Holy shrines are sacred to the devotees.

(A) pious
(B) blasphemous
(C) pure
(D) venerable

It is not good to traduce someone’s character.

(A) malign
(B) abuse
(C) praise
(D) expose

He is cynical about his colleague’s motives.

(A) insane
(B) contemptuous
(C) distrustful
(D) trusting

He demurred to accept the post offered to him.

(A) wavered
(B) hesitated
(C) refused
(D) agreed

A gust of wind dishevelled his hairs.

(A) tidied
(B) disarrayed
(C) hanged
(D) loosened

His egotism has alienated all his friends.

(A) egoism
(B) self-conceit
(C) humility
(D) selfishness

He is an extravagant person.

(A) expensive
(B) spendthrift
(C) immoderate
(D) thrifty

Giant stature of a woman makes her unattractive.

(A) great
(B) monstrous
(C) huge
(D) petite

His habit of lying is acquired since childhood.

(A) inherent
(B) natural
(C) cultivated
(D) congenital

Gymnasts daily practice keeps his muscles limber.

(A) stiff
(B) lithe
(C) bending
(D) loose