Antonyms MCQ-24

Choose the most appropriate antonym out of the given options for the word (in bold) in the sentence :

He is crazy about cricket game.

(A) mad
(B) cool
(C) sane
(D) shaky

He was in defiant mood.

(A) defeating
(B) obedient
(C) rebellious
(D) decorous

He is a dexterous artist.

(A) deft
(B) clever
(C) inept
(D) right-handed

The boy was reading the story of a damsel in distress.

(A) agony
(B) comfort
(C) danger
(D) safety

Adversaries always tend to exaggerate one’s weaknesses.

(A) extenuate
(B) magnify
(C) overstate
(D) extend

A fortuitous incident changed his life.

(A) fortunate
(B) incidental
(C) accidental
(D) deliberate

He is ignorant of what is happening around him.

(A) oblivious
(B) unknown
(C) aware
(D) illiterate

The irascible old man was easily provoked to anger.

(A) testy
(B) irritating
(C) calm
(D) rash

A moderate change in the existing law is required.

(A) mild
(B) excessive
(C) radical
(D) harsh

He does his job in perfunctory manner.

(A) professional
(B) functional
(C) indifferent
(D) diligent

Several potent arguments were put forward to prove the point.

(A) weak
(B) powerful
(C) cogent
(D) useful

The river takes asinuous path through the valley.

(A) side
(B) straight
(C) flexuous
(D) circuitous

He is temperamentally a cedulous person.

(A) suspicious
(B) creditable
(C) unsuspecting
(D) crude

Deficit in money withheld the work on the project.

(A) flaw
(B) shortage
(C) want
(D) surplus

This creeper is dextrose.

(A) right-handed
(B) climbing from right to left
(C) climbing straight up
(D) sinistrorse right

Diurnal cacophony on city roads subsides in late evening.

(A) daytime
(B) nocturnal
(C) daily
(D) morning

He was exalted to venerable position by the people.

(A) elevated
(B) depreciated
(C) downgraded
(D) praised

He is a man of frail body constitution.

(A) fragile
(B) brittle
(C) delicate
(D) robust

He was censured for his ignoble conduct.

(A) honorable
(B) ignominious
(C) inferior
(D) infamous

The spy was in jeopardy of being discovered.

(A) danger
(B) hazard
(C) chance
(D) safety