Antonyms MCQ-27

Choose the most appropriate antonym out of the given options for the word (in bold) in the sentence :

He is crazy about accumulating wealth.

(A) amassing
(B) gathering
(C) filling
(D) squandering

The guests were treated with delectable dinner.

(A) delightful
(B) tasteful
(C) charming
(D) disagreeable

He discarded old hat.

(A) rejected
(B) cast aside
(C) threw
(D) retained

Pet is a domesticated animal.

(A) domestic
(B) tamed
(C) household
(D) wild

Cool breeze exhilarated that morning walkers.

(A) inspired
(B) exhorted
(C) cheered up
(D) depressed

He made a futile attempt to appease his foe.

(A) vain
(B) fruitless
(C) effectual
(D) frivolous

An impecunious person was unable to procure basic needs.

(A) penniless
(B) poor
(C) wealthy
(D) indigent

Spectators lauded their home team for winning the game.

(A) extolled
(B) celebrated
(C) lamented
(D) shouted

His death was mourned by his colleagues.

(A) deplored
(B) lamented
(C) remembered
(D) rejoiced

A perspicacious person does not easily get befooled.

(A) astute
(B) transparent
(C) imperceptive
(D) dim

He is highly regarded because of his impeccable probity.

(A) venality
(B) rectitude
(C) obedience
(D) sincerity

It is not wise to squander precious resources.

(A) spend
(B) preserve
(C) dissipate
(D) splurge

Police used force to curb violence.

(A) quell
(B) check
(C) block
(D) encourage

Factory chimney spewed delectable dinner.

(A) lamless
(B) pernicious
(C) stinking
(D) unpleasant

Hooting by audience disconcerted the orator.

(A) ruffled
(B) discomfitted
(C) calmed
(D) confused

He is sitting with dreary face.

(A) fearful
(B) gloomy
(C) dreaded
(D) cheerful

Moneylenders charge exorbitant interests on loans.

(A) prevailing
(B) usurious
(C) fair
(D) unusual

Gallant soldier captured enemy post single handed.

(A) galloping
(B) chivalrous
(C) valorous
(D) cowardly

He was feared due to his imperious behaviour.

(A) unnecessary
(B) perilous
(C) overbearing
(D) submissive

She lavished praise on him.

(A) lashed
(B) heaped
(C) grudged
(D) reserved