Antonyms MCQ-32

Choose the most appropriate antonym out of the given options for the word (in bold) in the sentence :

The hall is adorned with factitious flowers.

(A) fictional
(B) artificial
(C) real
(D) factual

He is sitting with glum face.

(A) morose
(B) dark
(C) sorrowful
(D) cheerful

The crowd was instigated by inflammatory speech to resort to violence.

(A) provoked
(B) exhorted
(C) deterred
(D) urged

One can see the bottom of the limpid pool.

(A) pellucid
(B) lucid
(C) calm
(D) opaque

Obnoxious smell forced us to cover our nose.

(A) annoying
(B) odious
(C) offensive
(D) delightful

The political leaders pillory each other in public fora.

(A) push
(B) ridicule publicly
(C) approbate
(D) laugh at

The chief organizer delivered his salutatory speech.

(A) valedictory
(B) welcoming
(C) favorable
(D) beneficial

His wanton disregard of others’ sentiments is not appreciable.

(A) willful
(B) reckless
(C) lewd
(D) unintentional

Health gradually decays in old age.

(A) rots
(B) degenerates
(C) decomposes
(D) flourishes

He denied me what was my due.

(A) refuse
(B) withheld
(C) allowed
(D) repudiated

He was in dismal mood.

(A) sinister
(B) melancholic
(C) gay
(D) annoyed

He soon rose to eminence in his field of expertise.

(A) exclusiveness
(B) prominence
(C) reputation
(D) obscurity

Fiction writer needs a fecund mind.

(A) prolific
(B) fruitful
(C) effete
(D) lazy

His social service brought glory to her.

(A) wonder
(B) fame
(C) grace
(D) obloquy

The police inculpated him with unlawful activity.

(A) exonerated
(B) incriminated
(C) ensnared
(D) indicted

Lineage of a race horse determines its worth.

(A) age
(B) pedigree
(C) posterity
(D) performance

New models of cars become obsolete in a few years.

(A) old
(B) outdated
(C) in vogue
(D) antique

His slogans are full of platitudes.

(A) cliche
(B) novelty
(C) repetitions
(D) trivial

The criminals committed the crime with complete sangfroid.

(A) composure
(B) discomfiture
(C) confusion
(D) easiness

This town has warm climate throughout the year.

(A) hot
(B) moderately hot
(C) cold
(D) cool