Antonym MCQ-5

fallacious is most opposite to

(A) perfect
(B) truthful
(C) accidental
(D) disarming

fallacious means tending to deceive; truthful means disposed to tell the truth

gumption is most opposite to

(A) seriousness
(B) apathy
(C) levity
(D) despair

gumption means initiative, or drive; apathy means a lack of interest or concern

ecstasy is most opposite to

(A) hate
(B) agony
(C) languor
(D) fatigue

ecstasy means a state of rapturous delight; agony means intense pain of mind or body

astute is most opposite to

(A) distraught
(B) careful
(C) generous
(D) gullible

astute means shrewd or showing acute mental vision; gullible means easily duped or cheated

winsome is most opposite to

(A) dour
(B) attractive
(C) mysterious
(D) clever

winsome means cheerful and engaging; dour means gloomy or sullen

droll is most opposite to

(A) forget
(B) charm
(C) sedate
(D) absurd

droll means to have a humorous or odd quality; sedate means unruffled or serious

enigmatic is most opposite to

(A) healthy
(B) watchful
(C) disastrous
(D) obvious

enigmatic means mysterious or obscure, therefore obvious is the opposite

obtuse is most opposite to

(A) slim
(B) acute
(C) opaque
(D) thick

obtuse means insensitive or stupid; acute means marked by keen perception or shrewd

obsequious is most opposite to

(A) clear
(B) clever
(C) domineering
(D) dandified

obsequious means subservient or fawning; domineering means exercising overbearing control

doleful is most opposite to

(A) empty
(B) rich
(C) witty
(D) vivacious

doleful means full of grief or cheerless; vivacious means full of life and spirit

wanton is most opposite to

(A) merciful
(B) repast
(C) brilliant
(D) vicious

one meaning of wanton is malicious or merciless, therefore merciful is the opposite

banal is most opposite to

(A) sincere
(B) wealthy
(C) extraordinary
(D) trustworthy

banal means trite or commonplace, therefore extraordinary is the opposite

lugubrious is most opposite to

(A) quick
(B) cheerful
(C) salubrious
(D) dry

lugubrious means mournful, or dismal, therefore cheerful is the opposite